Thursday, January 8, 2009

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Bill and Lu Kepler said...

On Tuesday I took James Ino, from the National Resorces Conservation Service, to Keanae for a "walk-through" of the property. When he arrived, he immediately picked up "Joey's Book", as we call it. He loved it. Turns out his brother was the coach of the Molokai volley ball team that was killed in an airplane wreck about 10 years ago or so. He was exhausted when he left Maui, and James says that he knows that he fell asleep, and awoke in the presence of God.
Yesterday, a young couple, friends of Kelly/Kevin, were there alone for 2 hours, and read the book. When they came to the paddle out section, she burst into tears, and her husband had to read the rest of the book to her.
Perhaps some day you'd like to put a personal note in the front of that particular note.
We love you guys.
Bill and Lu

Janet on Maui :) said...

Karen, Joe & family,
thinking of you this New Year and missing you.
Also, thought of you as I hugged Po'o this Christmas when he surprised me with a visit home. Your loss of Joey makes me treasure every moment with Po'o in person or on the phone.
I read your incredible book about Joey and cried & smiled, and loved your family even more. Came across the photos of Mother's day that I took of the neighborhood kid's choir as they sang out their hearts for their moms. So much joy. Thought about Joey sitting there with you enjoying his nieces and nephew. What a Mother's day gift.
Thank you for your gift of sharing your dear son with all of us. I look forward to meeting him in Heaven and getting to know him.
Take care,
hugs, love & prayers,

anjuli paschall said...

i love that picture of Joe and Rachel. They look so happy and yet mysterious :)