Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Joey!

Now in heaven...

Wondering if birthdays are celebrated there.
Maybe not.

Tough times for the loved ones left behind
Rough moments
Indescribable feelings
Unfathomable emotions

Should they cry
should they laugh
Should they celebrate
or not?

Ah, birthdays after death
such an irony!
Death comes after birth
But we don't want it too soon

Ah love, what great joy and sorrow you bring
Faith, great expectations within
Cry, no room for words
Tears, flow like a river

Sob, cry in quietness
Smile, even though the heart is breaking
Numb, emotions gone
Grace, that will give then strength

Ah, birthdays after death
You are not fun.


Anonymous said...

That poem sure sums things up, Liza... No Fun! Just tears...

Thanks for keeping Joey's memory alive... 15 months later, you are still blogging away... thanks, Liza... you are a true friend, and we love you...


Karen and Joe said...

beautiful Liza. Exactly how we feel. Thank you for all the loving things you have said and done for us. You've made such a difference in our grief. We love you.

Garnett and Scott said...

What a beautiful talent God gave you are truly and amazing woman!

To the Johnsons, Borlands, Evangelista's and Rachel.....ya'll are always in our thoughts and prayers. We love and miss ya'll dearly!

Love, Garnett and Scott

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful touched way inside of my heart.
Your friend in Christ Sharon