Monday, October 20, 2008

Joey Loves Keanae

We had a wonderful time this weekend at Keanae. We went there with K and C Kepler and their family. As usual, it was a very relaxing time, so rejuvenating for the mind, body and soul.

As I said posted before, Joey loves Keanae. That's one of his favorite places on earth. Keanae holds many wonderful memories of Joey - I wonder if Joe and Karen had visited there since Joey's passing. I think it would be healing. The Keanae journal has recorded many of Joey's thoughts and reflections. It was nice reading some of them again.

The photo below was taken at the lanai (porch for those who live on the mainland :). Everyone loves that swing. You sit there, looking at the ocean and ahh... it's a bliss. Joey even took it to the next level of bliss - joy as he plays ukulele while sitting on the swing. I can almost hear the Hawaiian version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" being played.

* I posted a photo of Joey on my new blog A Maui Blog - I couldn't resist not sneaking one of it in there :) Check it out :)


Joe and Karen said...

Joey did indeed love Keanae, and the Kepler's generosity in sharing it with us for so many years. Love seeing the pics of him in his favorite place on earth. I keep thinking that the One who created the beauty of Keanae has prepared a place for us so that we can be there with HIM. We miss Joey so deeply yet know he is with the Creator of all good things.
Love you Liza...thank you.

Garnett and Scott said...

I always love coming on the blog and seeing what Liza has created! We think of ya'll everyday and you are so loved by everyone who knows you. Big hugs, Garnett and Scott

Anonymous said...

I listened to 2-3 days last week on Family Life about a family who lost a teenage son overnight.They shared all that they had gone thru and I learned so much more about what your family went thru.I am praying when the time is right you will write your story and share your experience with others.We continue to love you and pray for you every day.Joyce and Jesse

Heather said...

I truly believe that God has used the Kepler's Ohana to touch so many lives in such a deep and meaningful way! Thank you Keplers for memories that will nerver be forgotten. My times out there are still the best times in my life!