Monday, August 11, 2008

Joey At Keanae

We just got back from a relaxing weekend at Keanaea. Thank you Uncle Bill an Auntie Lu (the Keplers) for your generosity in sharing your precious Keanaea home with us. Joey also has a lot of wonderful memories there. While there, I spent some time reading his journal entries and took a shot of one of them:

I know he has many photos to go along with the many journal entries and memories. We will add more later. Here's a sample of some of them:


Joe and Karen said...

Keanae had to be Joey's favorite place on earth...we imagine that he is in an equally beautiful place right now, and enjoying it just as much.

Many thanks to the Loving Keplers for providing us years of memories and rich times with Joey in their beautiful place. You blessed us so much with your generosity. We love you all.

Thanks Liza, for another cool post. You are amazing. Love you.