Friday, August 1, 2008

Brother and Sisters

There is a void that will never be filled
an emptiness that will never be replaced
a gap that will never be fixed
sadness that will refuse to be comforted
because a brother is missed.

In times sadness
when missing Joey surface,
remember Betsy ten Boom's words
to her sister Corrie:

"There is no pit too deep
that God isn't deeper still"*

* quote from "Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom.


Anonymous said...

Joe & Karen & JoAnne & Jamie,

I remember those "early years" with much joy and fondness.

Kev + Jamie + JoAnne+ Joey = a lot of fun, giggles, bathing suits, sleep-overs...and lots of love.

Our "Wildwood Kids" "all" loved each each other immensely. They played together, ate together, watched movies together, did skits & composed plays together...

Karen - used to say they were "all" just "best buds"...

Our kids all gave use great memories of joy and laughter. They still do in different ways...

I remember - one time Joey and Kev were playing "Star Wars" under our staircase.

I heard Joey say,"Kevin! you can't do that...I am not ready..." Kevin replied,"I already did it...but want...I will put it back..."

Kevin + Joey = "Best Buds" - they loved & respected & adored each other. I know Kevin is having a rough time having "temporarily lost" his best buddy, who he will see again in Heaven.

Love & Prayers,
Kevin Cox (TN)