Friday, August 29, 2008

Heaven - A String of Pearls

"Heaven - a String of Pearls"
by Thomas Brooks (1657)

"In Your presence is abundant joy;
in Your right hand are eternal pleasures!"
Psalm 16:11

Most professors and people live as if there were no Heaven;
or else as if Heaven were not worth a seeking, worth a desiring--
as if Heaven were a poor, despised, contemptible thing.

But ah, Christians!
be much in desiring and longing to get into that glorious city--
where streets, walls,and gates are all gold--
yes, where pearl is but as mire and dirt; and where are...
all pleasures,
all treasures,
all delights,
all comforts,
all contentments
and that forever!

The word "forever" is a bottomless depth,
a conception without end;
it is a word which sweetens all the glory above,
and which indeed makes heaven to be Heaven!

"And so we will be with the Lord forever!"
1 Thess. 4:17


*originally posted on the comment section by Kevin and Shirley


Joe and Karen said...

Funny how hard it is to let your child go to Heaven. It's far away and unknown and unreachable. It's the ultimate separation that can't be bridged with cell phones, text messages or email. It requires total trust in God's word to make peace with your child being in heaven, and in being totally in God's care. We are powerless but God is powerful.
Today's passage is a great encouragement and faith builder. Thanks Kevin and Shirley and Liza. We are encouraged by the string of pears that is Heaven.
much love, Karen

The Dwyers said...

Love ya'll and thinking of each of you every day!
XOXO, Garnett and Scott

Rocky and Doreen Liuzzi said...

Hi Joe and Karen, I know there is not much we can say to help you along this long journey. We did hear some encouraging words from Greg Laurie at the Harvest Crusade in Orange County a few weeks ago. As you know, He also lost His Son. He said that He and His Wife now have an investment in Heaven in that their Son is now there. They even more want to be there along with there friends and relatives that knew their Son. I know Joey is in the arms of Jesus and having the time of His Eternal Life!!!! We love you and pray for you often. Rocky and Doreen