Friday, August 8, 2008

Joey's Life (by Kelly Bonsell)

Karen and Joe
We mourn with you over the loss of Joey—
Your baby boy,
Your precious, baby boy.
We can’t take away the pain.
I wish we could.

We can only help you remember...
Joey’s life.
And oh how he LIVED
His life!

Joe, you said that’s the one thing
you can control -
to keep your memories...
Joey’s stories,

You are homesick.
Yes, very, very homesick.
But your time here is not yet over.

We pray
You will find a special sense of solace
In this “foreign”, yet sweet, land.
And that those who love you,
Those who love Joey,
Will help you mourn
And live.

We continue to remember,
To reflect with you on...
Joey’s life.

Until we see him again,
Until you see him again,
In Heaven.

What a joyous,
First moment of eternity that will be!


* This was originally posted on comment section at this post (Homesick)

** The photo above is taken by Rachel . She's Joey's CUY. Thank you Rachel for all the beautiful photos of Joey that you are sharing with us.

*** Rachel is hosting a "birthday remembrance" for Joey at FACEBOOK. Click here if you'd like to join - everyone is invited. More info on this to follow.


Anonymous said...

Psalms 16:8-11(TLB)
"I am always thinking of the Lord; and because he is so near, I never need to stumble or to fall. Heart, body, and soul are filled with joy. For you will not leave me among the dead; you will not allow your beloved one to rot in the grave. You have let me experience the joys of life and the exquisite pleasures of your own eternal presence."

Psalm 16: 8-11(KJV)
"I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Therefore, my heart is glad and my glory rejoiceth; my flesh also shall rest in hope. For thou wilt not leave my soul in Hell; neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption. Thou wilt show me the path of Life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand,there are pleasures forevermore!"

Joe and Karen said...

Dear Versegiver--thank you for that verse this morning. The mornings are the hardest and we need new mercies each day. I love that "in thy presence is fullness of joy, and at thy right hand are pleasures forevermore." It is so comforting that my son is experiencing full joy right now. Thank you Lord.
Thanks to Kelly for her always fitting and beautiful words. They never fail to comfort. We love you all our comforters. We thank you so.

Lee and Renee said...

Dear Karen and Joe,
I really am lost as what to write but wanted you to know we continue to visit here and we pray for you each and every morning.
With much love,
Lee and Renee

Anonymous said...

Dancing, dancing,
Song under feet
Windblown defeat
of worries and cares.
Dancing, dancing,
joy leaps in request
of life fully expressed
heart that is free
Dancing, dancing,
Through Heaven’s door
The sand underneath
disappears into streets
of gold
Dancing, dancing...