Sunday, August 17, 2008

Karaoke Singing on Joey's Birthday ... (ok, it's a sing along :)

Did someone mention Karaoke? I don't think JJ ever passed up a chance to sing Karaoke...birthday or otherwise. He would always indulge me with a song - usually the "Mama's and the Papa's" duet. I wished I knew how to use the video on Facebook - I would sing a karaoke song for Joey on this birthday. We love you Joey. As you are singing praises to the King of Kings - send a little song our way on this special day. We miss you. Love Auntie Viv (this post is taken from Facebook Remembering Joey)

Here's one for Auntie Viv:

Here's one for Joey's Mama:

Here's one for Joey's Papa:

Here's one for JoAnne

Here's one for Jaime:

Here's one for Joey's Cuy

Here's for You Joey - Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Joe & Karen & JoAnne & Jaime,

Yours & ours & the LORD"s "Joey" -
is indeed singing praises in HEAVEN to the "King of Kings" - our LORD & SAVIOR - JESUS CHRIST forever and ever...

What a "glorious & joyful" truth!!

Joey has organized a men's quartet and is singing harmony with King David, Apostles Peter & Paul!!

We are "all" one day closer to eternity & heaven and seeing Jesus and Joey...and all believers.

Joey - Happy 1st Birthday today in Heaven. We "all" love(d) you dearly and we miss you deeply.

God's Comfort & Healing & Peace.

Love Always,
Kevin & Shirley Cox (TN)

Liza's Eyeview said...

Thanks for the encouraging post Kevin and Shirley :)

Joe (the Dad) is leading worship at Hope Chapel today. I's use Joe (the lil' one - we know as Joey) will be worshiping together with us - he on heaven, us on earth.

I will take my camera to the worship service today so I can take a photo of Joe leading worship, honoring God,remembering Joey, knowing that that's what Joey is doing in heaven :)

Bro steve said...

Dear ones....
Our hearts are with you on this, the first of many monumental mountains you have yet to climb. But please know, we will be beside you every step of the way.

In honor of JJ's 29'th, our family has chosen not to grieve, but CELEBRATE by heading to LA for the Dodgers Brewers game. Got Front row Home plate terrace seats for $1 apiece! a bargain even Joe would be proud of.We will be thinking of you all as we remember JJ as well as every one of you!!

All our love, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJ! Steve, Jackie, Matt, and Britt.

Anonymous said...

What a great set! Thank you Lisa for this posting of music for Joey's birthday.

Our love to Joe, Karen JoAnne, Jaime and their families and of course Rachel on this special day.

What a great way to celebrate Joey's birthday (on Sunday) by singing worship to the King of Kings - both here on earth and in heaven.

Thank you Lord for your gift of salvation and eternal life. Because of your gift, we look forward to singing praises before the throne one day and can only imagine what it will sound like! Awesome-no doubt!

Birthday Blessing JJ.

Love - Auntie Viv

Garnett and Scott said...

Happy Birthday Joey!

Our love and hearts are with all of you today! We send great big hugs to each of ya'll!!

XOXO, Garnett and Scott

Big Sissie, Jo Anne said...

Happy Birthday, Brother... I liked what Kevin and Shirley said about this being not only your 29th birthday, but also your very first birthday, in heaven! So cool! (even though we would so much rather have you here to celebrate with us) Here in Va Beach, me and my closest girlfriends got together to drink your favorite martini, and eat the baked brie you love. Then we toasted you, watched your slide show and listened to your music. And of course we talked about God's amazing gift of eternal life, and the hope He gives of us being together in heaven.

I love you so much it hurts....

And I love the rest of my family and everyone else who loves my bro. Thanks for loving him and us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joe for demostrating God's strength and loving presence as you stood and led worship in both services today.That was a powerful message in itself!I feel this was also a strong testimony to your family.
We love all of you-Joyce and Jesse

Joe and Karen said...

Liza...I don't know how you did it, but you found songs that have special significance to all of us. We loved our birthday sing-along with Joey. Thank you so much for all your love and for putting this together for us. I hope you leave it for a few days and let us enjoy it!

Thanks for standing by me in church today...that was hard and I was so glad to have you and Lu and your support. We miss Joey and it continues to be difficult to say goodbye to him. We just ask for God's grace to comfort and guide.

We had his family birthday tonight which was very poignant for us all. Joe leading worship this morning was also a big moment for us. We have passed our biggest hurdle for a while and we are grateful for all the love and encouragement we have recieved this weekend. We need you all.

Anonymous said...

I love Jaime and JoAnne's songs - they bring back wonderful memories.

Auntie Viv

Jaime said...

Liza, thank you for that post..after seeing the song you had picked for me I decided to watch my wedding video on Sunday night with Rachel. I got to see my brother singing that song with my was sad seeing the video for the first time since he has died but it also made me laugh and remember how much fun we had at the wedding 11 years ago...thanks again for your awesome support. PS Aunty Viv..loved seeing you dancing away in that video.

Liza's Eyeview said...

I am glad you all have enjoyed our "karaoke blog party" for Joey :)