Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthday on Earth in 4 Days - I Wonder How They Celebrate In Heaven ... Or Do They ? ...

This photo was taken at Joey's birthday party last year at Jaime and Drew's home. More posts on Joey's birthday coming up. Just want to remind everyone to keep the Johnson's in prayers. August 17 will be a hard day - pray for peace and comfort, and yes, pray for pockets of joy as they remember and celebrate Joey's wonderful life on earth.

* For insightful post on "a season of mourning", click here to go to Pastor Greg Laurie's blog. Some of you may not know, Pastor Greg Laurie's family are also mourning the recent sudden death of their son Christopher. It's a day by day, moment by moment journey....


Anonymous said...

Dear Karen & Joe,

Remembering you during this time.
What a bitter sweet treasure to have so many beautiful pictures of your precious boy Joey. I can only imagine me being where you are and pray God will help you press on and press in to your pain as He holds you in His arms.

Faithfully praying for your comfort.

With love,


Karen said...

Thanks so much Mele. This picture was Joey singing karaoke at his last birthday, which we were blessed to have on Maui. He was good and hilarious at karaoke!

We so appreciate all your love and support. This is harder than I ever could have imagined when I watched others go through it. I like what you said about pressing on and pressing in. It is the best way through grief, though very hard work. Thanks for your validation and encouragement. We love you.