Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cuy Never Dies

"Cuy* never dies" was the last phrase Rachel uttered when she shared on Joey's Memorial Service on Maui. That phrase got stuck in my head, because I know it is so true.

I remember first meeting Rachel at the old Hope Chapel on Ohukai. Word came around that Joey and his girlfriend are back on Maui for a visit (I can't recall which holiday - Thanksgiving I think). I don't know about the others, but as for me, I was definitely curious.

My first thought when I met her?
"Beautiful Hapa kid - way to go Joey!"
My second thought "She seems a bit timid.
How would that work with Joey, Mr. Social"

Then they traveled and I followed their blog. While following their blog, I saw how these two are so "meant for each other". My thought about Rachel being timid was replaced by "this girl is as adventurous as Joey is - yeah!".

We've grown to love Rachel as much as we love Joey. The more we get to know Rachel, the more we know why Joey loves her so. It's hard to explain, but the chemistry is there.

It's also fun to watch Jaime and her get along so well. In fact, she fits so well with the Johnsons. I am glad they are there for her as much as she's there for them. I'm sure her Cuy knows she's taken cared of.

Rachel started a group in FACEBOOK in loving memory of Joey. If you're in Facebook, click HERE. There are lots of photos there. Lots of fun stories. Lots of lessons from Joey's life. Also Psalms and other Bible Verses. Joey's memory lives on because "cuy never dies".

* Cuy is pronounced like Kui of Ku-kui nut ;) - it's Joey and Rachel's endearing call for each other.


Joe and Karen said...

Rachel was such a beautiful counterpart to Joey. They were well-matched in their curiosity, intelligence, and spirit of adventure. Their tastes in music, food and art seemed to be parallel. They both loved to surf, snowboard, and play Scrabble. They had so much fun together and they shared their faith, their friends, and their love for family. They were a great couple and we all loved being with Rachel. The grandkids already considered her their aunty, and still do. She is just a superb human being and we all adore her.

Rachel's unknowing gift to us all was her beautiful eye for photography. She chronicled Joey's last three years with hundreds of exquisite photos and gave us a treasure that will last a lifetime.

Thank you Rachel, for loving Joey and loving our family, and giving so much to each of us. You are the beautiful silver lining in our cloud.

Anonymous said...

1 Corinthians 11:7

"God's glory is man made in his image,and mans glory is the woman".

garnett and scott said...

I have only gotten to hang out with Rachel a handful of times, and from those few times, I have seen what a wonderful, honest and loving person that she is no wonder that Joey cherished her. It is apparant what a beautiful bond that you both shared with one another and what fun you two had together!!! I love the relationship that you share with the entire Johnson our "girls sleepover" it felt like you and Jaime were sisters...the friendship that you two share just shines! the way, if the photography career does not work out, I see a future as a bartender=)

Joe and Karen said...

Thank you to whoever is leaving the Bible verses after each post. I love seeing the verses that match each post and such meaning to them. Thank you so much friend. You have blessed us over and over again with that little gift.
Love you,
Johnson Family

Van Down By The River said...

Thank you so much Liza for this beautiful blog posting. I am so honored to have read it. I just got to France a couple of days ago (I will be here for the next few weeks visiting family and friends) and just had the opportunity to read it.

I don't know what to say, nothing softens the blow of Joey passing, after almost 8 weeks. The only gain I have are the relationships I have bridged with the Johnson / Borland / Evangelista / Plackey clan. They have truly made me part of the family, something I would have loved to be for my whole life, with my whole heart, with Joey. I looked forward to that, so much. The warmth and love they extend to me is absolutely amazing. I could not be more thankful for all of them, and there is no way that I could get through this without them.

Thank you Karen, for your heart full of understanding, for listening, for being honest and sweet and wonderful. Thank you Joe, you are a beautiful father, you are so real, you tell people how you feel, you make people feel loved. Thank you Jaime, you crack me up, you are amazing, I love you to pieces. Thank you JoAnne, you are a sweet, gentle heart, and such a big sister. Thank you Melissa, you are the mother of the world, so kind, and so strong.

The support I have felt throughout this horrible ideal is the pillar of human kindness, and I'm very thankful.