Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank You From the Johnsons

Dear Everyone,

This is Joe's brother Steve. Joe would like me to let all of you know how grateful he and Karen are for your prayers and thoughts during this "second wave" of losing our mother. They have been staying at our home in Redlands since Friday, and we as a family were able to lift mom up in her last days and honor her. She passed into eternal life at 12:30 AM PST on Monday,7-28.

Joe and Karen were the last to be by her side as of about 9:00 PM the previous evening. We 4 kids, (Viv, Joe,Glen, and myself), were able to be with her in her last few days, singing and praying by her bedside, reading her scripture, and just being quietly supportive.We were also thrilled to be able to spend precious time with each other,as we all continued to walk our road of mourning for young Joey, only alongside them for a while. And when mom was ready to meet the Lord, we have no doubt that JJ and G JOHN were right there to welcome her in!

I was sitting with Joe this morning, and we were talking about how Joey had such a wonderful bond with Gramma John, and always looked forward to sitting with her and sharing about his life. Well, we feel he is still doing that in this new life they all share together. Joe wants to especially thank the prayer circle at Hope, who were actually in prayer when mom passed. That is such a comforting thought for them.

I will be taking them to LAX in an hour or so for their return to Maui, And I am sure they will be in good hands.

JoAnne and Jamie, Thank you so much for your constant love you show your parents. They have raised you to have the same wonderful qualities that make them such special human beings. I know Gramma loved you both very, very, much.

To all the other Grandkids, Great Grandkids,relatives and friends who have continued to show their love, thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is not a step back, rather it is a step forward, as we commit our mother to the Lord, and prepare for the next chapter in this ever unfolding story called life.

I don't know many of you (personally), but I say on behalf of Viv, Glen, and myself, thank you for supporting our precious brother and sister, and for being such a wonderful "family".

It is well with our souls.


Steve & Janna said...

We love you so much Johnson family. We pray for you and think of you often throughout each day.

Love, Steve & Janna

alan said...

Joe and Karen

Sometimes words seem so inadequate
well meant and knocking at the heart
clothed in love they come with good intent, they come to comfort, come to do thier part
but loss so deep, loss too dear, make hard the place where words can go
some times the words so needed in our lives, are words that only God will know
sometimes words are insufficient, though whispered from the heart
well prepared with careful thought,
they pain to do thier part
there is a loss where words can't go
though want, would send them there
and so I pour my sorrow, in tears my heart must bear
Nothing to soothe,to heal or mend,
just the crying heart of a distant friend.