Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Tall Hug

Karen, I know you're missing Joey's tall hug. May this photo not bring about sadness but bring joy remembering that you were given that precious time here on earth to be loved by him and that one day you will get that tall hug again when he welcomes you in heaven.


April Brandes said...

Joe and Karen,
Seeing the photo on today's blog reminded me once again of your loss...but it also so vividly reminded me of your infectious joy. I don't know who is grinning more - you or Joey, but I do know that both of you (and the rest of the Johnson clan) have impacted many, many people, me included. It's been about a month since the California Memorial service, yet God is still using that watershed experience to remind me that life IS joyful, it's meant to be chased after with everything you've got, and it's so much richer when you invest in loving people deeply. Joey did this. You continue to do this. I can not begin to know the depth of your sorrow but Mark and I are both praying for your hearts to heal. I pray that His presence will hold you steady as you grieve.
with our love,
Mark and April Brandes

Lee and Renee said...

What a precious photo! We continue to pray and know you will get through this. Just want you to know we are here and we care.
With love,
Lee & Renee

Heather said...

Karen, Ahhh. I am crying here at my desk at that sweet picture. You had a beautiful relationship with your son. Love you.