Thursday, July 24, 2008

From Joe ...

Joe left the following comment on the previous post. I am posting it up here for the "Prayer Warriors" to easily see:

... As Karen and I leave Virginia tomorrow morning to be with my failing mom in S.California, please pray for God to give us the strength to comfort those around us. My mom was recently diagnosed an aggressive cancer and has not long to live. As much as I would like to stay here in Va. and continue to heal and mourn...We need to go and be with my brothers and sister to help escort her to the arms of Jesus.. She may be one of first of family to see Joey.....Thanks to all of my praying family and friends everywhere.. Your comments and love have carried us both through the darkest time of our lives....Safe in the arms of Jesus...are my Father Joe, My son Joseph,and soon my mother Dolores...... Joe


Mackenzie said...

we're praying for strength for you, Joe and Karen.

Jim & Mackenzie

Anonymous said...

I know it seems like yesterday in losing Joey and now you are having to say goodbye to your Mom. Our love and support knows no end and our prayers will continue to lift you up Joe, Karen, Jo Anne and Jamie. We pray for the Lord's comfort and strength and the peace that passes all understanding to fill your hearts. I hope you are strengethened and feel the love of the myriads of people that hold you dear to their hearts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe and Karen,
After reading your blog and Kit's this morning I realized that, in my experience,(which is nowhere near as deep as yours),the comfort, the coming along side, the grieving together, is never as powerful when given by those who have not tasted griefs' sting. As difficult as it is to reach out to others when your grief is so deep and painful, somehow, those whom you touch are able to take more comfort from you because of the place you're in. The Bible said it best - when we are weak, He is strong. Therefore, I know that you will be able to bring much to your family at this time and that He will keep His promises to sustain you.
Love, Lynne Andagan

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen and Joe,

We are continually praying for you and your family. My heart aches for all that you are going thru. May God richly bless you and sustain you.


Anonymous said...

Always keeping you in our prayers that the Lord will give you strength and peace in these hard times ,aloha Anuschka ,Alex and Mikela

anjuli paschall said...

I am so sorry for another loss and so soon. My heart aches for you both. Please post ways we can be praying during this continued difficult season. with the love of Christ,