Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Here's Lookin' At You

This photo reminds me of the scene on the movie "Sleepless In Seattle" when Tom Hanks was "talking" to his wife who passed away and he said "I miss you so much it hurts".

Dear Johnsons family and Rachel, we are continually praying that God's touch and love will continue to heal you. Isn't it a neat thing that Joey will not sing "I Can Only Imagine" anymore because now he knows the real thing. I know the sadness is not because he's in heaven now, but because you miss him...


Janet on Maui :) said...

Dear Karen & Joe ,
thinking of you and missing you.
The last 2 photos of Joey are beautiful, love the mother & son one, contagious smiles, love and joy.
Photos are so healing, thank you for sharing them Liza. My computer has been down for over a month but now I'm back to say "need more comfort brownies"?
Praying for the Lord's continuous healing of your broken hearts.
Many hugs & prayers,
Love ya,

Joe and Karen said...

Dear Liza... I love this is such a slice of Joey's life. It was taken in Idaho when we went skiing last Christmas. He is so happy...a full stomach, his computer on his lap doing work even while away from LA, his long legs and size 12 feet hanging over the edge of the sofa. A copy of Skier magazine is on the coffee table, along with a scrabble game...a favored family passtime. I love the contentment on his face...he was such a truly happy kid.

He was loving the snow and snowboarding and was so happy to be with his family for a week.
This week was another gift from God. I will never regret all the time and money we spent to be together as a family. It was the right choice and is all so precious now.

Sarah said...

Just sending you a hug today.
Sarah T

Anonymous said...

I love your detailed comments on the photos each day. It brings a sense of joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. Joy as I think of the wonderful, fulfilling and happy days you all shared together as a family. Tears with an ever present sadness of the great loss you are experiencing.

I hope that each of us will be able to recount as many moments together as a family as you guys have with Joey. He really was such an amazing guy.

We continue to pray for you and the great emptyness you are experienceing.

Our hope comes from the Lord.

Love you,
Jason & Toni Spence

bill and lu kepler said...

Like Tony, I love your comments too. Wow, I didn't know he had such big feet! Just perfect for taro patches . . .

The Bonsell Bunch said...

Yep, Dad. Size 12 feet are perfect for Taro Patches. But Joey's feet were great for surfing, snowboarding, and every other sport that he did so well. He made them look so darn easy too! I think everything that he did, whether it took athleticism or brains, he was great at. He was a "natural" at EVERYTHING. Including a fantastic son, brother, nephew, uncle, boyfriend, and friend.

Love, Love, Love to you all,