Monday, July 21, 2008

Joey's Acts of Kindness - Like Father Like Son

* Check out the 5th comment on the post "Streets with No Name" post. Such a great encouragement. Thanks Steve for sharing that. To easily go to that post and read the comments below, click HERE.

The following was written in the comment section. I thought it's a great example for us to follow and so I am posting it up again:

I was horrified. I missed five overcrowded flights at LAX due to my low-priority standby pass and it didn't seem like I would make it to my Midwest destination. There I was. At 2 a.m. Frantically calling Rachel. Then Joe (that's Joey to some of you). Then Rachel. And then Joe again.

When I got a hold of one of them, Joe arranged a cab for me to Rachel's place. He gave the driver directions. I had no cash; he paid the $40 tab. And he called the cab for my 6 a.m. departure back to LAX. I'm pretty sure he paid that fare, too.

All I could do was thank him with my words that night in 2006. I had no money on me (until later when I sent him a check that he didn't cash).

Joe took such good care of everyone in need. His caretaker's approach always made me feel safe with Rachel and Joe. His life (and everything I learned at the memorial) is something that inspires me to seek out those in need and offer tangible love, the kind that feeds or helps or walks alongside or listens.

Joe's life is a rad, rad portrayal of that agape. Imagine that: Agape even at 2 a.m.:)


Having worked as a secretary to Craig Englert (one of Joe's best friends), I have heard many stories like this of Joe Johnsons (Joey's dad). One particular story is very similar to this - back when Craig and Joe were in their early 20's. Craig's car broke down in the middle of the night in a freeway (or some hi-way). Even though he didn't want to wake up Joe, he's the first person he thought of of calling for help. Within a few minutes after the call, Joe was there to help Craig. Like what Kehau said, that's Agape love, at 1:00 AM.


Anonymous said...

Proverbs 4:11-13
"I would have you learn this great fact: that a life of doing right is the wisest life there is. If you live that kind of life, you'll not limp or stumble as you run. Carry out my instructions; don't forget them, for they will lead you to real living."
Proverbs 4:10-12
"Hear, O my son, and recieve my sayings; and the years of thy life shall be many. I have taught thee in the way of wisdom;I have led thee in right paths. When thou goest, thy steps shall not be straitened; and when thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble."

Liza's Eyeview said...

For this verse, I like the TLB version better :)

Thanks for the verse - what a great reminder.

Anonymous said...

Interesting picture that you chose Liza. I was going to write this AM, but did not have the chance.
I wanted to say that the acts of kindness go back one more generation Like Grandfather, like father, like son. Our dad was a wonderful example of someone who gave of himself for those in need at any time.

Also, on the last day that Joe and Karen were with us before returning to Maui, Joe was packing things up and going through JJ's backpack. Joe pulled out a picture of our dad which I had given to Joey at his grandpa's memorial service (a Christmas ornament framed picture to hang on his tree} I was so moved that he took his grandpa with him wherever the backpack went. It just doesn't seem like something a young man would carry around with him ...yet it gave me another opportunity to see Joey's love for his family. Thank you Joey for loving us all so much.

I miss and love you JJ.

Love - Auntie Viv

Anonymous said...

The Lord's love never ends;
his mercies never stop.
They are new every morning;
Lord, your loyalty is great.
I say to myself, "The Lord is mine, so I hope in him." The Lord is good to those who hope in him, to those who seek him.

Lamentations 3:22-25


Kelly Bonsell said...

Thank you soooo much for that wonderful scripture above (Lamentations)!

So I've been following this blog as much as possible, but not able to write (2 sick boys). I think of you all so much and know that you are constantly going through so many different emotions. You're filled with sadness over your loss, but gladness knowing Joey's with the Lord and hope for the day you'll be reunited.... along with many, many more emotions! I think of the "Deep Grief" poem often and feel for you all so much. The stories shared, the pictures (ones of family and especially that last one of Joey at the airport), the scriptures, and the sweet, sweet words written by Joe and Karen linger with me as I go about my days. I just want you all to know that I'm thinking of you, praying for you, and loving you oh so much!

I wanted to post this on today's Post (July 22nd). But there's no post yet by Liza for today. I know there will be, being that it's the 2 month anniversary of Joey's death/life. I am especially thinking of and praying for you all today as you mourn TOGETHER.

Loves, Loves, Loves,

Liza's Eyeview said...


Thank you so much for your comment today. I have a post ready in mnd for today it's been in my mind this last couple of weeks) but for some reasons it slipped my mind today that it's today that I am supposed to post that ....

And then seems like I also have a change of plan today ....

so I'll have a post up later today, but not the one I was planning to post a week ago from today ...

So now... I hope this got all of you reading this blog curious and will come back (Joey humor I guess :)

lorensaved77 said...

Hi Karen and Joe
after reading your blog today I came across this devotional from Rick Warren sitting in my in-box, here is an excerpt from it thought it went well with this latest blog
enjoy. Isn't God Awesome?
Miss you, When do you return back to the Island?
Love, Blessings and Aloha
People often use the phrase “like father, like son” to refer to family resemblance. When people see my likeness in my kids, it pleases me. God wants his children to bear his image and likeness, too. The Bible says, “You were . . . created to be like God, truly righteous and holy” (Ephesians 4:24 GWT).

Bill and Lu said...

We think about you always, and love you eternally and immensely. Today my own little baby, Kelly, reminds me of this special anniversary. Yes, the Lord's blessings are new every morning. Great is Thy faithfulness, Oh God.
We are praying that on these difficult mornings, God is blessing your whole family with everything you need.
Love, Bill and Lu