Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Walk In The Woods

Virginia is cold now, blustery, leafy, refrigerator cold. We wear layers of warmth around our heads and shoulders, We wear boots and mittens, and walk briskly to generate more warmth. It smells wonderful outdoors--woodsy, crisp and golden. We walk through the trees, the muffled sound of leaves shuffling under our feet. The dogs celebrate and romp and investigate and run. Cranky children begin to smile and laugh. We walk in pairs and we walk in lines. We point out the black water of the creek, the gnarly twisted tree trunk, the ruts and ridges of the landscape. We walk till we are tired and full of fresh air.

Back inside, the fires are dancing and we drink hot chocolate and spicy tea. We watch out the windows as the squirrels hop busily, branch to branch, very intent at their gathering task. The harder they work, the less we do. We sit and listen, we chat and play games. We work on puzzles and dinner recipes. Nothing much. We thank God for the soul quietness that only comes from being outdoors.


Anonymous said...

After seeing all the great family pictures...I am sorry I didn't go on the walk. Although - my piano teacher will be please that I learned my notes.

Loved being with you guys - miss you lots.

Love - Viv

lorensaved77 said...

What an extreme from the Maui Life!
You sound very Peaceful and Content, enjoying the Family and each others Company, Fun and Games, makes me want to be there with you, even tho they are not my family, it just seems so picturesque!
Lovely, serene, Beautiful!
Love hearing about your trip, keep us posted!
Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

You have such a gift of words.I really almost felt as if I were there with you in that beautiful walk!!! I used to love hiking thru the woods in NC when we went there in early fall.I have always felt that nature walks are one of the best therapies God has given us.
We are praying for your entire family during the very special "First" without Joey.
Loving and missing you both,Joyce

Bll Kepler said...

Oh, my, your writing makes me ache. It takes my breath away. I want to read more of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Maui! love it, love it, love it. I really enjoy the photos and reading "the Happenings" of ya'll on the mainland. Sure miss you here though. Look forward to the continued saga of your trip. Have a very Merry Christmas all of you and see you in the New Year 2009! my love to you all, Leslie