Friday, November 28, 2008

Country Roads, Take Me Home ...

Finally wound our way to Virginia Beach and were lovingly met by our grandchildren and Jaime and Rachel. We checked out Jaime's mounds of boxes in her new/old house, and then set our sails for JoAnne's house. At JoAnne's the rest of the family rolled in from various points: Aunt Viv and Uncle Don from CA, Paul and MaryAnn from Maryland. Drew came back from work, Bailey came back from a neighbors, and we had our long-awaited reunion. JoAnne's easily accomodated us, and we also enjoyed sharing Thanksgiving with Drew's manufacturing partner, Johnny and Mia Swann and their two children, Karsten and Solveig. Thanksgiving was delectable, and our sharing was weepy and poignant. We missed Joey's warmth and humor, and faced for the first time that there will be no more holidays with him in this world. We all look forward to our reunion with him in Heaven.

Thanks for making our cross-country road trip with us, and especially thanks for all the love and support we have gotten from you all since May. You have carried us and we would never have survived the parting of our son without you. And to Liza, many thanks again for comforting us thru your blogging talents. It has all meant so much to us.

All our heartfelt love and gratitude on this Thanksgiving,
Joe and Karen


Liza's Eyeview said...

You are more than welcome Karen and Joe. It's been a pleasure and a blessing blogging your Sentimental Journey this past 8 days, and for Joey these past 6 months. I am glad you are now "home" with your family in VA. It's such a comfort to be surrounded by families you deeply love and care for.

We had the "traditional" Thanksgiving Service at Hope last Wednesday - a service that I look forward to every year because it's my chance to publicly thank God for the many blessing He gives me. Guess what my 1 minute thankful sharing was? Yep - blogging! God has used blogging so much in my life, personally, spiritually, in ministry, and just making life enjoyable even in hard times - I gave back God the glory!

I am thankful you "understand" exactly why I am thankful for it :)

Love you all, give my hugs to your family,
Liza and the Pierces

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us share in your journey and your healing. What a special time! You have blessed us all by letting us travel with you. We miss you guys.
-Todd and Laura

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

What an amazing adventure, and a special Thanksgiving. We really enjoyed "catching up" on your journey. I especially liked that you got to visit Graceland, somewhere I have always wanted to go. Love you guys and are praying for your "rich" time surrounded by your family.

The Johnsons said...


We love and miss tou all! Love, Steve, Jackie, Matt, and Britt. (Tut, too!)

Garnett and Scott said...

WOW...I have enjoyed every moment of your trip and thank you for sharing all of these precious moments with us. I am so proud of ya'll for traveling in Gunther and know that Joey has the biggest smile of them all as he watched you take this beautiful journey! We wish you safe travels back to Maui and look forward to your return.
Love, Garnett and Scott

PS...glad you LOVE THE SOUTH too=)
**Miss you Jaime, Joanne and family!!!

guavatea said...

Joe and Karen, we followed your incredible journey and felt so touched by experiencing it through your words and pictures. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your lives for all to see. You are all an inspiration to love God and live and love life to the fullest. Sending you WARM Maui Hugs and Love!
Travis and Lisa

Anonymous said...

Please always leave your blog open. I find great comfort in reading and rereading what you went through. We lost our daughter in June and I am not sure we would be the same without the strength we found from you guys and everyone that posted. God works in such wonderful ways, even in sadness. Safe travels on your way back to Maui. Nick and Sharon

Joe and Karen said...

Thank you to all who read our blog and esp. those who commented. It is very encouraging and comforting to us...and I know you can understand how we need comfort right now. We would love to connect with Nick and Sharon who are sharing our same journey. If you read this, please email us at
Much love, the Johnsons

Anonymous said...

Joe and Karen:

I just came across your blog and am sorry I found it this late. You guys drove right by me on I-40 in NC. The Lord just brought me to Hickory, NC this summer. Don't know why yet as I didn't even know Hickory existed until the Lord told me to come here. I spent two hours reading Joey and Rachel's travel blog one day. Man, was I envious. I also have a "Gunther" vehicle that I just bought last year and looking forward to taking an adventure one of these days, as the Lord provides.

God bless you guys for all the wonderful work you are doing for the Lord. My heart goes out to you in your loss of Joey. I can't even imagine what that feels like. Your loss was the Lord's gain however, and I know you rejoice in that.

Aloha and blessings,

Doug Spencer