Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Know Joey Is Happy and Proud of Joe and Karen

I was watching the splendid slideshow created by David Hessemer on their Overnight at Healeaka and I couldn't help but think of how Joey must have been so proud of Joe and Karen for doing "walking the crater and spending night there". What an adventure! Here's the link to the slide show (in case some of you readers are not on Facebook yet :)

* Photo is also from Facebook, courtesy of Elis.


Garnett and Scott said...

WOW! What a beautiful slide show! I am so proud of you two and know that Joey is too=) Love ya'll, Garnett

Anonymous said...

Joey is in a place that we long for. It's called home! He is in a place that surpasses all our expectations or imaginations. He is in a place that is home for all of us that believe in Jesus as Lord and Saviour. He is in a place of total peace and love (no evil whatsoever). He is with Jesus; the Prince of Peace and Author and Perfector of our Faith.
I think Joey knows very well who his parents and sisters are and his love for them will never be snuffed out because God is love, in this life and the next.
Joey will never leave your hearts and you will never leave Joey's heart, not in this life or the next.
Love and continual comfort to your hearts.


Debbie said...

How absolutely gorgeous and what a great group of friends to share this adventure with! I'm going to email this link to my brother so he can watch it too. Thanks for letting us all experience it too! Joey WAS, IS and ALWAYS WILL BE so proud of his amazing parents!!!

Trish Garcia said...

So beautiful and what a wonderful way to celebrate you son's life! You two are a blessing--just by being you. To Karen: "YOU GO GIRL!"

All my love and prayers,

Trisha Garcia

Heather said...

Wow! What an amazing adventure!! I am going to have to write that one on my to do list! Wish I could have done that while I lived there! I guess I will just have to come back! So, so proud of you and the group that went up there! You guys ROCK!
Love to you!
Heather Parker (Overholt)