Monday, November 24, 2008

Let's Talk About Graceland - Sentimental Journey Part 9

It's not for everybody! One couple we met while traveling told us not to waste our time. But if you have ever been all shook up, loved someone tender, or rushed in like a fool, then Graceland is for you!!! It is SPECTACULAR. It is the most visited house in America, now exceeding the White House.

It consists of the white-columned colonial home that Elvis bought when he was 22, the 20 acre grounds, the trophy room packed with gold records and gold-studded suits, and the meditation garden where he is buried next to his parents. We loved every minute of it!

What comes out loud and clear is that Elvis loved his mama and daddy, his little girl Lisa Marie, his country and the Lord. He also had more talent and money than he knew what to do with, and too many people living off of his good nature.

The final song on the video playing in the trophy room is a very moving rendition of "All My Trials, Lord, Soon Be Over", then you meander over to the meditation garden where his eternal flame flickers on.
His tomb is surrounded by flowers and gifts, which arrive every single day from fans all over the world. It left us with the sense that his trials are indeed over, that he lives on in a better place, that he's at peace in the presence of the Lord.

It made us wonder if Joey has run into him yet, up there in Heaven.


Jeri said...

I never realized those things about Elvis nor have I ever seen pictures of Graceland. Thanks for sharing. Joe must have loved it as I remember him singing many of Elvis's songs at the 50's /60's parties.

Love you,

Trish Garcia said...

I love Elvis!! And, I love and miss you both--but what a great idea. To stand where Joey stood and to see what he saw. So sweet and so special.


Anonymous said...

Dear Joe & Karen,

When I saw that photo with Elvis & you and the "white flash"...I had trouble determining "who was who"...??

You both have the joy of singing and your body movements are almost as good as Elvis.

We just live 75 miles north of Graceland and have been there several times...

Because when folks visit from out of town...thay all want to see Graceland - Elvis's home.

Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving - in Virginia Beach...with family.

Love to all, Kevin & Shirley Cox