Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gunther Back On The Road

Who is Gunther? He's the most precious Van of Joe(y) and Rachel! The way I look at it, he's kinda like their lovechild :). Here's a link to Van Down By The River on Gunther's early days. That van was with Joey and Rachel through thick and thin, duct tape and all. Just look at these end of the trip photos:

Joe and Karen (and might be Rachel too - I am not sure) will be driving Gunther across the states once again. What an adventure! I told Joe we should blog their trip - Joey would, don't you think?


Mackenzie said...

very cool. hope Gunther stays in one piece for you guys :) i'll pray that he does. enjoy the scenery along the way.

Debbie said...

What a wild ride that will be! Please blog if you can so we all feel like were there with you. Whenever I read through Joey & Rachel's journey I feel like I'm there with them. So let's see, if Gunther is like their love child... that means he'll be manned by his very own Nana & Papa! Hope you have a great time and praying for your you so much

Joe and Karen said...

Okay, we are going to blog this trip via Liza. More to follow. Pass the word!
Love and thanks for the encouragement,

Anonymous said...

Well at least you are off to a great start...Gunther is in the shop!

May God be with you as you travel the road!

Love - Viv

PS: Don't forget the duct tape!

Anonymous said...

HOW EXCITING! We look forward to hearing of your travels! Keep us updated. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers! When will you guys be hitting the road?

Heather said...

So proud that you are going to Blog!!! Awesome!! You guys are seeking adventure and I love that!
Love you guys!