Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oklahoma City National Memorial - Part 5 of the Sentimental Journey

These pictures are from the Oklahoma City National Memorial. It was built in honor of those who died during the attack on the Murrah Federal Building in 1995. It was a beautiful and moving memorial place, laid out in the exact place where the building once stood. The reflecting pond now stretches out where the road used to be in front of the building. The bronze chair sculptures are for the 168 people who died from the explosion, 19 of whom were innocent children who were in the daycare facility at the time. The fence outside the memorial is covered with stuffed animals and toys and pictures, all placed by visitors to the site. The graffiti on the wall, demanding justice for the victims, was written by a first responder on the day of the terror act. The statue of Jesus weeping is on the corner across the street from the site, placed there by a church, with the inscription, "And Jesus Wept".

The beautiful golden tree surrounded by the rock wall survived the explosion because it's roots were deep. There's a lesson there for all of us.


Steve and Jackie said...

Good morning!! Jackie and I are sitting here enjoying you adventure! How great to watch the two of you grow and change during this difficult time. Just looking at your faces in the photos, we can see an ever growing sense of peace in your faces. Sorry we could'nt see you in So. Cal, and our thoughts are with you.

Love, Steve and Jackie

Steve MacDonald said...

Hi Joe and Karen,
It's Sunday morning here on Maui and I just caught up on the Sentimental Journey over a cup of coffee. Your adventurous spirit is amazing and I am so happy for you. The photos are beautiful; made all the more beautiful by your big smiles and happy faces. I pray that you continue to experience God, and Joey, and blessings more than you could possibly think or imagine as you continue on your special journey. Missing you and thinking of you all the time.
Steve Mac

Elis said...

I just love seeing your beautiful smiles in the mist of all the feelings that you are experiencing, following Joey's steps cruising on Gunther. I'm so glad that you've decided to do this trip!
Miss you a lot, love Elis

Jeri said...

Good morning Joe & Karen,
Your adventure across the country in Gunther is exciting and it reminds me of how Cliff & I couldn't wait to catch up on Joey & Rachel's trip. As others have said, your smiles and the peaceful expressions say it all. So thankful that you're able to have this experience and thanks for sharing it with us.

Miss and love you very much!

Jeri & Cliff

Anonymous said...

Aloha to the Open-Roadies!

To reiterate: It is so wonderful seeing the two of you have this adventure together as a way to heal and honor your son. You two have unwittingly become a beacon to all of us who have ever been felled by the blow of loss. I am inspired by the way you choose to celebrate and make precious your lives as you remember your son's. Here's praying that Gunther will keep illuminating the road, and that He will keep illuminating the next step. Thanks for sharing with us!