Friday, May 22, 2009

The Brief Journey Of Life

Our days on earth are like a shadow
I Chronicles 29:15 NIV

He who "lives forever" has placed himself at the head of a band of pilgrims who mutter, "How long O Lord, how long?" (Psalm 89:46 NIV)

How long must I endure this sickness?

How long must I endure this spouse?

How long must I endure this paycheck?

Do you really want God to answer? He could, you know. He could answer in terms of the here and now with time increments we know. "Two more years on the illness". "The rest of your life in the marriage". "Ten more years for the bills"

But he seldom does that. He usually opts to measure the here and the now against the there and then; And when you compare this life to that life, this life ain't long.

- Max Lucado
In the Eye of the Storm

* This is the May 22 devotion on the "Grace For The Moment" devotional book that Cassie K gave me last Christmas. How fitting... how timely... must be from the Lord. - Liza


Joe and Karen said...

Amen and amen, come Lord Jesus. Thank you Liza. We love you.