Monday, May 26, 2008

In Memory of Joey Johnson

Here is a link to a beautiful letter from Kristin Knowles to the Johnson family. Karen asked me to post it here. It takes a few seconds to load because it's filled with pictures of Joey. You can also access it under Links on the right.


Jeri said...

Thank you, Kristen for that beautiful letter. So many of us have wonderful memories of Joey.

I've always enjoyed playing music with Joey and was always happy to loan him my bass so he could play worship on Joe's team (in my place).

I'll always remember a summer that Joey & Kevin spent on Maui before graduating from college. I was living next to Joe & Karen and was going through a rough time. Those guys were so kind to me. One evening we climbed up on the roof to watch the sunset, we went out to eat and listen to music, and there times we'd just hang out.

Joey had the kindest, warmest heart. He was a prince of a guy.

The Johnsons have been like family to me as well. Joe gave me away at our wedding and Joe & Karen have been so instrumental in my life in so many ways. The family as a whole have been wonderful and I love them all so much.

I'm very thankful for the sweet memories I have of Joey and will miss him greatly.

Jeri Kunkel