Saturday, May 31, 2008

Specific Prayers ...

UPDATE ON JULY 23, 2008:

... As Karen and I leave Virginia tomorrow morning to be with my failing mom in S.California, please pray for God to give us the strength to comfort those around us. My mom was recently diagnosed an aggressive cancer and has not long to live. As much as I would like to stay here in Va. and continue to heal and mourn...We need to go and be with my brothers and sister to help escort her to the arms of Jesus.. She may be one of first of family to see Joey.....Thanks to all of my praying family and friends everywhere.. Your comments and love have carried us both through the darkest time of our lives....Safe in the arms of Jesus...are my Father Joe, My son Joseph,and soon my mother Dolores...... Joe


Note written on 7-1-08: I just added a button on the sidebar to link here for those who want a list of specific prayers they can pray for the Johnsons. Some of the ones listed below had already been answered. However, instead of me always editing this or always coming up with an updated list, I encourage you to pray as the Spirit leads. Thank you.


While we are all waiting for the details of the Memorial Service here on Maui, and while they are preparing for the Memorial Service in LA (to be held tomorrow), I thought I'd post some specific items we can pray for the Johnsons:

1. Pray for the Memorial Service on Sunday in LA. That all things planned will go smoothly. Pray for Rachel as she does the slide show. Pray for God to be glorified as they remember Joey’s life, and that some of their family and friends who have not accepted Jesus will do so through this. (Thank you Lord for answering this prayer. The service was perfect)

2. Pray for health and physical strength. Grief is tiring. Fatigue is setting in. Pray that they would not neglect rest, and when they try to rest, it will come. Pray for a restful sleep when they sleep.

3. Pray for Jamie and Joanne. They have a very profound close relationship with their brother Joey. There will be a void that will not be filled. Pray for comfort for all the Johnsons family, including Drew, Shaun and all of Joey's nieces and nephews (as you all already are…)

4. Pray for Spiritual Discernment to be strong in the family. Yesterday I sensed a “spiritual battle raging” in my head as satan was accusing me of “being too dramatic and using the Johnsons’ grief for my own blogging satisfaction and glory (which is not true)”. There were many accusations in my head and I had to pray for the Lord will take it away. He did. Then came the assurance from the Holy Spirit that I am ministering to the Johnsons. If I am experiencing this kind of spiritual battle, even more so are Karen and Joe. There will be times when satan will sneak in their heads and tell them that God is mean because He took away Joey at an early age. And so let’s pray for protection for the Johnsons family against these kinds of attack. And when they do have to battle, pray that the armor of God will always be in place and that they will be victorious.

5. Pray for Karen and Joe’s marriage. There will be times when the hurt will transform to anger, and the anger will land on whoever is closest. Pray that no divisions will rise up between them, and that they will feel fully united in their sorrow.

6. Pray for God to allow their grief to be you read these words, you may feel called to volunteer yourself through prayer to be a "carrier" of their grief. Losing Joey caused pain beyond words, and having many of us bear the grief together with the Johnson family would be helpful.

7. Pray for patches of joy in a bleak, seemingly hopeless fog.

8. Pray that God would bless Karen and Joe with erasing the memories from last night that they received the terrible news of Joey’s passing away and the grief of not being there when it happened.

9. Pray for Rachel, Joey's girlfriend, for comfort in this time of pain. May their mutual friends gather around her and be of support to her.

10. Pray for those who do not know our great God...that the testimony and the hearts of Joey, as well as Karen and Joe, would minister to them in such a difficult time, and that they will desire to know more of Jesus.

To God Be the Glory!



Ron & Barbara said...


Thanks for keeping up this blog, We're watching and praying.

We agree with Nancy. Hope Chapel is facing some spiritual challenges! We are also praying today for Kit and his family and close support as they are transitioning.

Ron & Barb
Lynden, Wa.

lorensaved77 said...

Dear Liza
Those are great Prayer requests and I know the Body of Hope is already in motion on those prayers...
Dear Karen Joe and Family,
I now right now the overwhelming feelings are too much to bear, yet trust me when I say "this too shall pass" It will get easier, better, and you WILL be able to laugh again soon...
Love you guys...
In His Love,
Nancy and Famiy

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen & Joe,

My heart goes out to you both and your family. We are in constant prayer that God's peace, strength, comfort, and unity permeates every thought, feeling, and action you are faced with.

Debbie B.

Joe and Karen said...

Dearest is well past midnight here, and we are as you predicted, exhausted. The slide show technology is betraying us, and we've all just given up and gone to bed. It feels so important to show Joey's life, but if it's not to be, then we accept it. Life is full of disappointments, isn't it.
One thing that isn't disappointing is the blog...thank you so very much for all the love and effort you have put into that. It is so very beautiful and so much what we need right now. We all read it about 15 times a day. All Joey's friends are reading it too. It keeps us going when we lose our hearts. This is one of the dearest things to me out of this whole bittersweet story...the love that so many have poured out to us. And your gift of the blog enables us to experience a constantly changing kaleidoscope of support.

Your list of prayer requests for us couldn't be more on target. Tomorrow will be a difficult day and we are leaning on the Lord for strength. It helps to know that so many are praying for us. We need it desperately and we are comforted with the confidence that our prayers will be answered in God's time and way. We trust Him.
Much love sweet sister.

Anonymous said...

Joe & Karen...Spencer and I commit to praying to being "carriers" of your grief...we wait in anticipation...shoulders squared and ready, heart humbled and expectant as we lay our "stuff" down to fully and focusedly (a word?) carry the burden's of our brothers and sisters.

You are thought are prayed are grieved are loved...

Spencer and Ulu