Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Comment from Karen ...

Tears flowing from my eyes as I am typing this. It's 10:13 pm and I decided to check the Johnsons Blog for the nth time (don't ask me how many times, you'll think I'm obsessed) ... But whatever time I put in this blog is worth it ... it's the least I can do... In case you miss the comment on the last post, I decided to post it here. Please continue to pray ...

Dearest Liza ... it is well past midnight here, and we are, as you predicted, exhausted. The slide show technology is betraying us, and we've all just given up and gone to bed. It feels so important to show Joey's life, but if it's not to be, then we accept it. Life is full of disappointments, isn't it.

One thing that isn't disappointing is the blog... thank you so very much for all the love and effort you have put into that. It is so very beautiful and so much what we need right now. We all read it about 15 times a day. All Joey's friends are reading it too. It keeps us going when we lose our hearts. This is one of the dearest things to me out of this whole bittersweet story...the love that so many have poured out to us. And your gift of the blog enables us to experience a constantly changing kaleidoscope of support.

Your list of prayer requests for us couldn't be more on target. Tomorrow will be a difficult day and we are leaning on the Lord for strength. It helps to know that so many are praying for us. We need it desperately and we are comforted with the confidence that our prayers will be answered in God's time and way. We trust Him.

Much love sweet sister,


Hope Chapel Admin said...


I remember when I first started a blog and you are my faithful reader, among the first 5 readers i have. Then the readers grew. The interesting thing is that when I discovered a "widget" called sitemeter I found out that many people read blogs but are not comfortable leaving comments. PLEASE KNOW THAT HUNDREDS are reading this blog daily and are praying for all of you.

I am still praying that the slide show glitch will be resolved by tomorrow. If not, I have put a slide show here. These photos are from Van Down By The River Blog. I didn't have time to ask Rachel's permission to use it but I trust that she's ok with this.

Love you all very much,

Anonymous said...

June 1

Day of remembrance
celebration and goodbye
Safely in Jesus arms

I love you guys so much and will be praying for you today.

Anonymous said...

We are here on Maui and we have been and will continue to pray for you as you prepare for the Memorial service tomorrow. Our hearts burn for you all and know God will lift your spirits high as you receive an overwhelming amount of love and encouragement from all the people who will celebrate Joey's life with you! I can only Imagine what Joeys heart must feel as he stands at the feet of Jesus, will he be able to stand at all or will he fall on his knees before Him for the Awesome sight he sees, I can only Imagine what that day must be, will Joey be dancing with you Jesus singing songs of praise I can only Imagine!!! We Love you so much, Love Kandi, Pat, Jazzie O'Brien

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe & Karen & Joanne & Jaime,

Psalm 28:7 "The LORD is my strengrh and my shield; and my heart trusts in HIM and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to HIM in song."

Love & Comfort & Hope, KC & SC

John said...

We haqve missed being with you all very much, but despite the physical separation, we are spiritually so colse. The pain is intense, and many many are sharing it with you. We are praying for you and your entire family. How would it be possible without God. I remember Joe's teaching us the greek word "hoopameeno" (phonetic attempt at spelling!) We love you all sooo much.

Anonymous said...

Karen & Joe:

So many times I've thought of you two this week and your family. My heart alone is overwhelmed with grief and sorrow, and I trust the countless prayers that are being lifted to our loving Father on your behalf will carry you... cover you, comfort you all like a big warm hug.

Today is Joey's Memorial in Ca. and I join Liza in prayer for the "glitch" to be resolved. I hope the presentation of Joey's life will bring smiles, laughter and sweet tears as you all reflect on his life, your lives together and the countless lives he has touched.

love you much,


dannylem said...

Joe and Karen and family,
Danny and I are praying for you today and every day but especially today. I literally raise my hands as I raise my heart to lift you all up.God, hold up not only their arms, but their minds, and hearts, and May God pour( I mean like a giant bucket!) His comfort on all of you and may you pour what you have recieved on all those around you. So many are lifting you up and grieving with you.
love always
Linda Lehmann

Anonymous said...

You ALL are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. We trust and pray that God's peace and comfort will sustain you and carry you through this time.

For the many times you've been there for others, your Maui Ohana wants to be there for you. Although we can't be with you to give you hugs and wipe your tears, we hope you can sense how very much you're loved.

With heavy hearts and lots of love,
Jeri & Cliff

Anonymous said...

Johnson family, every time time I think about the pain I saw you that Friday night, my heart shrink inside my chest. I love you so much and I really wish there was a way to take the pain that you are feeling, away from you.
I keep asking God to tell me how can I do that, and the only think He brings to my mind is the scripture about Moses in the battle and his arms were heavy and Aaron and Hur would hold his arms up and Israel would prevail.
I've praying a lot for you. Love Elis

Anonymous said...

Johnson family,

It seems words are eluding me. We are crying and watching the slide show from Liza. Just know we love you and are praying, praying, praying.

Susan Haynes and Nathan

Anonymous said...

Joe and Karen,
It has been years since we have seen you, Joe and Karen. We are so very sorry, words are inadequate at times like this. We will be praying for you and your family. We pray that the God of Hope will fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope - for your present time and into the future.
Joey was quite a man, following in both your footsteps, I am sure. I have enjoyed wandering around this blog and reading so much of what your friends have shared about your precious son. May you feel the comfort of the Lord through your many sweet friendships and may the Lord hold you tightly in the palm of his hand. With love and tears,
Jim and Kay Wadsworth

Anonymous said...

Dearest Dearest Joe, Karen, Jaime and Joanne:
Our dear friends, you are all like family to the Zautner's and we are weeping and mourning with you for the loss of Joey. It is so hard for all of us to beleive that he is gone. I remember so many times talking on the phone with him when he would call to talk to his dad. He would always ask how I was doing and not just in the way people do because it's the norm, but because he really cared how you were doing. I often thougth to myself, he is going to make some woman fine husband someday. Joe and Karen that is a testament to you both and the fine man that you raised. Joey was special, one of a kind.
I know how much you all love Joey and that the loss to you is deep. We just want you to know that we have been praying for you and thinking of you constantly. We love your family so very much!
Marina and Rich

Anonymous said...

joe and karen, jaime joanne and family,
our hearts are with you.

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
romans 15:13

we pray you are drenched in God's love and as sure of Him today as you have ever been.
He is our hope.
remembering Joey with you,
pete and carrie and girls

lorensaved77 said...

Dear Joe,Karen,Joanne,Jaime,& Family
One of the hardest parts of this is over now and I trust the Lord has sustained you thru it...The burial, for me, was the hardest I cried for Danielle.
But I knew, with time, it would get easier, because friends who went through it told me it would...And eventually it did. Only Time is what's needed, and I can honestly say it has gotten easier as each year passes by.
The hope of seeing them again gives much peace and comfort.

I wish I was there to give you hugs and wipe the tears away...
My heart aches for you as I remember that difficult step you went through today.
I was talking to Becky the other day about what her and I have experianced, now you too... Please know we ache with you as Mother's only know the Pain from one to another..WE KNOW! I hope you felt stregnth from all who love you and lifted you up in prayer!

Waiting for your return,
Love and Blessings
Nancy and Loren Family

The Waikapu Keplers said...

Karen, Joe, Joanne, Jaime, and Rachel--our mentors and friends:

Joey meant so many things to so many of us. He was always so real and yet not too serious. I'll remember him as fun-loving, gifted, and generous.

On the 4th of July weekend in 1999, Joey came out with our family to Ke'anae. While we were there, we did a family activity in which we each wrote a kind word about everyone else. I was blown away by what Joey wrote about me, both because it was kind and because it embodied all that I still hope to become. More especially, it described who I saw Joey to be--especially the last sentence. Here is what he wrote:

"It is still hard to believe that one person could be so caring to everyone they come in contact with. I see a fantastic quality in the way that you manage to remain genuine in all situations. --Joe"

I want to say "thanks, Joey" for seeing in me the good that is far from being perfected. I pledge to do my best to live up to what you have seen beyond my imperfect exterior.

I also want to say that I am thankful for you, his family, for shaping him into the person he became. I'm one more life, in a sea of thousands, that he touched.

You remain constantly in our prayers.

John 16:22
"Now is your time to grieve, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy."

Love and aloha always,

p.s. Jaime, we miss you girl! `Ohana isn't the same without you, and we look forward to being with you again

Wes_ and_ Lori Ignacio said...

Dear Joe, Karen, Jaime & family, Joanne & family, and of course Rachel....
Today we are at a loss for words, but we know that our Lord has you covered, surrounded and embraced by His amazing love. Karen I have ran to you crying so many times over the years and you were always such a comfort and a rock for me....I know God will give you the same comfort you have given to soooo many!! I am on my knees in prayer lifting you all up. I love you all! With love and tears, Lori (and Wes)

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe and Karen
i love you both and pray for you daily, hourly sometimes. i thank God for you both and hope you feel all this love from across an ocean.
love, april

Anonymous said...

Dear Johnsons,
We thought and prayed for you most all day yesterday. At noon and the hours that followed, I felt reminded knowing what was taking place. Remembering your precious son and the life God allowed him to live on this earth with you. Our prayers are still with you and our hearts break with yours. We trust Gods word when He says, God's favor lasts a lifetime and weaping may remain, but JOY comes in the Morning. Psalm 30:5
All Our Love and prayers,
Pierre & Cari Coetzee

Trish Garcia said...

Thank you Karen, for taking time to post to us--it really helps to know how you all are doing. I am always thinking of, and praying for, all of you. I wish I could do more,

Trish Garcia

Garnett and Scott said...

We have been thinking of ya'll everyday and praying that the Lord continue to lift you up through this time. We are here for each of you and send you so much LOVE!!!
Love, Garnett and Scott