Sunday, June 22, 2008

Steal The Bacon Will Never Be Quite The Same ...

There's so much to share about Joey's life. There are so many people who love him. There are so many people he loves. Even if we keep this blog going for years, there will always be stories about him, sweet stories, funny stories, inspiring stories, touching stories, etc. I thought a good start is to recount a lot of what was said during the memorial service.

One area of Joey's life that is quite above others is his relationship with his two sisters, Jaime and JoAnne. It's extra-ordinary.

I tried a couple times before to post something about it but couldn't quite come up with something. I guess it's because their relationship is so "personal and special" I just couldn't do justice describing it. One of these days, when they are ready, maybe they can share more with us....

Going back to the Maui Memorial service, the Borland ohana shared.

Bailey and Izzy shared about their Uncle JJ, and how they think he's the best uncle. They will miss him playing games with them, like the Uncle JJ's version of steal the bacon. They will miss him telling them stories of the myths of gold, etc.

Drew shared about Joey, and how he is close to him like a real brother (not just in-law). He also mentioned that Joey inspired him to be a better uncle (I will add this to the "what would JJ do" post).

Jaime shared about how she will miss Joey tremendously because Joey is not only her brother but one of her best friends as well. I have a feeling Jaime let her family (Borland Ohana) talk more, and she didn't speak as much, because if she did show would break down. Jaime and Joey had such a close relationship, there's a huge gap in Jaime's life right now. Please remember her in prayer. Please remember the Borland family in prayer.


Like what I said, there will be more posts of stories shared at the memorial. I will be contacting many of you who spoke at the service, both at L.A. and on Maui to get a copy of your sharing


Steve said...

Dearest Jamie, Drew, Baily, Izzy, and Aiden;
Our hearts quietly ache for all of you at this crossroads in life. It is plain and simple to me. God called Joey home for a reason. And WE are it! All of us. Your mom and dad, Your sister Joanne and Sean,Chase and Claire,And EVERY PERSON that boy touched. It is now time to at least look ahead to what is next. Each who knew Joey are going to walk a different road now. The end result will be different for each heart as well. Everyone reading this loved Joe, and each must take his or her OWN time to recoup from this terrible, terrible loss. That level of closure will be varied, as well. Share your journeys with each other, and respect each others timeframe. We have the rest of our earthly lives to learn from Joey, To celebrate Joey!!!
Sorry to ramble, but as Liza so wonderfully wrote, you( and Joanne, of course) have a special bond that has been altered. (NOT broken.) I'll close by telling my brother Joe, my sister Viv, and my brother Glen... I love you! Steve

Trish Garcia said...

Thank you so much for continually posting new items on the blog. It keeps me praying and I am loving the 'knowledge of Joey'.

Jamie and Joanne, I know how close my 3 girls are and I can't imagine where they would be without each other. I am so sorry for your loss.

Trish Garcia

Garnett and Scott said...

I wish I had better words to share
...all I can say right now is that ya'll are ALWAYS in our
thoughts and every night we have been praying for your family and for God to continue giving you the strength you need.
We love you all, Garnett and Scott

ckepler said...

Josh and Pohaku remember Joey most for his Steal the Bacon game. They were lucky enough to have Joey and Rachel as their babysitters during `ohana last summer.

When we first told Josh of Joey's passing, he got tears in his eyes and asked, "but who will play steal the bacon with us?" Joey was such a gamester and a draw for kids. Rachel was right there with him.

Josh holds on to the hope that one day we can have a massive game of steal the bacon in heaven! That will be quite a game! We look forward to the joy of that day.

We love all of you and constantly keep you in our prayers.