Friday, June 13, 2008

* Fellowship after the service. Please bring pupus to share


Anonymous said...

Today is hard for me because I can't be there with the rest of my family to honor and celebrate my brother, Joey... I wish I could be in Maui comforting friends and family instead of sitting here in Virginia Beach doing homework. I will be praying constantly today for comfort, peace, and joy from the Lord, as you remember the "amazingness" of Joey's short, but incredible life here on Earth. I wonder what amazing things he is up to in Heaven today? I love you all so much.
xoxo- Jo Anne

Liza's Eyeview said...


You are in our thoughts and prayers too. I can't imagine how difficult this is for you ... very very difficult not to be here with your family here.

We know that the "Virginia Johnson-Evangelistas" are missing Joey. We love you guys. We love you very much.


Kehau said...

Dear Johnsons,

After hearing about Joe(y), I struggled for a while over how to contact your family to try and communicate my thoughts in this incommunicable time.

As a result, I feel like I've put it off now for too long.

Thankfully, I'm realizing that this has little do with my failing words and everything to do with Christ.

I told Rachel the other day: "The Johnsons are like contagious Christ."

Your family is one of the most transparent family units I have ever known (now that I'm thinking, your family IS the most transparent I've ever known). As a result, me, Rachel, entire communities of people are seeing Christ directly through your lives.

I've known Rachel since high school and I've never seen her so stoked (I'm sorry; I can't think of a more fitting word) on God. How can that be when many people turn their backs on God during this level of loss?

It's amazing to see the depth of God's love overflowing from Joe's abundant life, your families' lives, Rachel's life — it's almost tangibly filling me, people around me, my friends, acquaintances...

These very raw revelations are profound to me. So thank you for your transparency in Christ — especially during this incomprehensible time.

As you hide behind the cross, the cross is all I see. And this is one of the most beautiful displays of Him that I have ever been blessed to behold.

I hope to give you a bear hug soon.

You are each in my prayers and thoughts,
Kehau Cerizo

Anonymous said...

Today is a difficult day...even though we had a wonderful memorial in California for JJ - we long to be with Joe and Karen on Maui - honoring their precious son Joey. Our pray is the same as JoAnne's...
for comfort, peace and joy in the Lord. May this Father's Day be one of incredible memories of your love for Joey and his for you Joe and Karen and your family. Our love to Jamie and JoAnne and their families. We love you so much.

We miss "Explosive" so much!
Viv and Don

Joe and Karen said...

chaserToday is hard for me too. We miss you JoAnne and Sean and Chase and Clare. I miss my boy so much it just aches. He was so good to all of us. Just such an incredibly loving, funny, interesting man, but always my boy. I want him back, but I don't get him back and the finality is what is so hard to deal with. Usually when we don't like something, there is always some "supervisor" to talk to who can fix it for us. But not this. We have to live from here on in with his absence, a huge void in our lives and hearts and futures, and death is the enemy who seems to win. But the Lord promises us that death doesn't I cling to that.

We trust you Lord to give us the grace and strength to continue on without our beloved son. We trust you to be near, to bring comfort, to work it all together for good. We trust you Lord.

I love you Joey.
Your Mom

garnett and scott said...

We are thinking of each of you today and always.
Much Much Love and Hugs,
Garnett and Scott

Anonymous said...

We are thinking of all of you today that are sharing in the celebration of Joey's life. May it sooth your soul and comfort you heart to take part in remembering such a special person.
We love you,
Jennifer and Steve Brown

Mackenzie said...

Joe, Karen & family...
Jim & I thought about you a lot this week and especially today. And every time we think of you we pray. and I know that there are many praying for you. We miss Joe(y) and are so grateful as we are reminded of what an amazing, wonderful friend he was to us. May God be near to you and help you every step of this difficult journey.

Jim & Kenz

dannylem said...

Joe and Karen,
You are in my heart and prayers today. Danny and I both think of you all throughout the day and pray for strength and grace. More grace Lord! I know that each day will bring more challenges and each day will bring HIS grace to meet them. So many love you what a blessing! Just like Kit and Shelley, you are being carried not only by the Lord but by all of us who love you!!!!
we are praying,
Linda Lehmann

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe and Karen; We are still in shock at the passing of wonderful JJ! We cannot even imagine what it is like to loose a child. The only consolation is that JJ is in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. GOD knows your hurt and HE will help you thru all the trials and tribulations that are sure to come in the future. We pray that you will find comfort in the memories of JJ and that GOD will sustain you thru it all. Your friends from Thousand Oaks.

The Flemions (Jean, BJ, and Nicole)