Thursday, June 19, 2008

To Live A Full Life ... (What Would JJ Do?)

Note: this post is actually posted by me - Liza. I used Karen and Joe's sign in name and so it showed that it's posted by them. I thought I'd clarify.

In honor of Joey's life full of adventure, we'd like to put out a challenge and inspire you to do things that you've always wanted to do but haven't; or things you wanted to do but afraid to do; or just things that you've neglected to do because of the busyness of everyday life. Here are the samples from the last few days:

1. During the Paddle Out for Joey, Karen paddled amidst her initial hesitation to do so. JJ is proud of you for doing that in his honor Karen! For the Paddle Out slide show, click HERE.

2. Lu Kepler read and commented on a blog. Something she never thought she'd do before. For Bill and Lu's sweet comments, read "Remembering Joey" post here. The same thing with the Pattersons who left a comment on this post.

3. Liza sang, amidst stern warning from her beloved hubby :)

4. Kristen spoke in public in front of hundreds of people:

I will be reviewing some of the previous comments and will post up here some of the things you shared that you are now doing as inspired by Joey's life. Please please to add yours in the comment section :)

Here's a sample of a comment by Kehaulani on the "Remember Joey" post:

"Joe took such good care of everyone in need. His caretaker's approach always made me feel safe with Rachel and Joe. His life (and everything I learned at the memorial) is something that inspires me to seek out those in need and offer tangible love, the kind that feeds or helps or walks alongside or listens."


Trish Garcia said...

My daughter, Kassie, is planning--actually researching and figuring the finances!--a cross country trip. Not for a whole year, but for at least 3 months. This is due to "Van Down By the River" and the wonderful life that was represented at the memorial service.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to get an oldies band together.
G. Johnson

Anonymous said...

P. S.
We gotta do "Gloria" & "Get Back" in Joey's honor.

Anonymous said...

I just had my fake nails removed so I can start playing guitar again. Joey is the one who taught me the basics of guitar... I am hoping to "take it to the next level" in honor of my brother! Maybe one day I'll even get to help do worship at Hope... you never know. Chase is also taking his guitar more seriously... he inherited JJ's red bass, and he wants to learn that as well.

That's so funny that you came up with "What would Joey do?" I have already said that exact phrase to myself several times, when I am feeling nervous or fearful about doing something. It's going to be a new motto for me...

Love you all,
Jo Anne

Anonymous said...

I'd like to volunteer for a spot in Glens oldies band! Some of our greatest memories are playing at family get togethers with Joey and Joe,especially at our fathers(Joey's grandpa John's)bedside when he was waiting to be taken home.Brother Joe, WE WILL PLAY TOGETHER AGAIN,and I know Joey will have a front row seat!!
Love, Brother and Uncle Steve.

Steve and Jackie said...

The biggest regret Jackie and I have is that we let the everyday buisiness of life get in the way of family contact. The last time we saw Joe was at our wedding on Dec. 30, 2006. We had it at Aunt Vivs house, and it was great! Joey and Rachel stepped right up to help, with her running our music CD, and Joey playing a great last minute version of "In this life", (a song Jackie thought he had penned himself). I know it is hard to stay in touch, but even this old high tech dinosaur is going to try! Seeing JoAnne and Sean with their little ones, Jamie and Drew With theirs, Jeff and Becky and their brood, and nephew Brian, whose wife and kids I barely know, made me realize that this simply MUST CHANGE!! Watch out, family, you'll be hearing more from Steve, Jackie, Matt, and Britt! That is how we intend to honor Joey's memory!

Van Down By The River said...

I've asked myself that question about a thousand times since he's been gone. He was always my voice of reason, my advice-giver, my mentor, my opposite and my reflection; my best friend. His voice echoes in my head: preaching the virtues of honesty, of self-worth and self-belief. I looked up to him (physically and mentally) as did so many others, for his non-sugar-coated opinions, always given with an air of confidence and certainty.

My life has been inspired, deeply, both in practice and in desire. What can I do for myself? How can I live in a way that is honoring to his memory? These are not small challenges.

Joey valued communication: openness and honesty were his mantra. In our 3+ years together he encouraged me to find my voice, to be confrontational, to value myself; but not at the expense of others. I was already on that path of self-discovery: taking a hard look at myself, my parents, and my patterns. Simultaneously we were molding one another, shaping our lives into some semblance of our future selves.

My only hope is that I can continue this path without him- clinging to the lessons he taught me and that we were teaching one another. I don't want to repeat the same offences, whether they be mine, my parents', or my grandparents'. I want to see myself in the way that he saw me: flawed and raw, yet basked in love, acceptance, and preciousness. I can only aspire to be my best self, somebody that would make him proud.


Liza's Eyeview said...

When I heard that news that Joey was found in the room "with a Bible and a book Wild At Heart", I told myself "what a honorable way to way - what a great testimony as a Christian..."

Since then, I had been reading my Bible at night before I sleep. Or sometimes a book with Christian value. Rigght now I am reading the book "The Way I Was Made" by Chris Tomlin. I thought, if I die in my sleep, I want to be like that - with a Bible next to me.

Joey has (and continue) to touch our lives in so many way, through his life and even through his death.

We love you JJ - see you in heaven!

Anonymous said...

What I learned from Joey was to to be real and honest...and and to give a straight answer or opinion.
I remember him asking me a question about something...when I answered, he knew that it was not the full truth and that it was "sugar coated". He said, "don't give me a 'Maisha answer'" I will always remember that, and I do want to live my life that way!

Kelly Bonsell said...

Karen, Joe, Jamie, Joanne, Kevin, Rachel and your whole 'Ohana,

Today marks one-month since Joey's death and one week since the paddle out to spread his ashes. I love “What would JJ do?”. I will definitely seek new ways to LIVE life . . . with Joey as my inspiration!

I recall surprising Joey with his first longboard on his 19th Birthday. We had "almost matching" boards and enjoyed our "rookie surf days" together. Little did I know that was just the beginning of his life-long love of surfing. I briefly found out last Monday, as we sat in the circle at Charlie Youngs, what happened to that longboard—it broke in half on one of JJ’s surf trips. I would love to hear the whole story. Maybe someone could post it on this blog. I’m sure it was a huge wave and Joey was getting barreled :)!

When I think of Joey surfing, I think of his soul being free . . . surfing really gives you that “natural high”. I also think of his kind, gracious spirit. When he helped people learn to surf, he stood on the reef and pushed them into the waves. He didn’t just sit next to them on his own board and verbally tell them what to do. He coached the beginners and was really there 100% supporting them to stand up. And when they did stand up, Joey cheered them on making them feel as if they did it all by themselves!

On Joey and Rachel’s blog they said, “Surfing with friends in clean, warm, uncrowded surf is the most fun thing to do on earth”. I never got into surfing where I thought it was the most fun thing to do on earth. But I always wished I had. When I did surf (the last time was about 5 years ago), I was never completely comfortable to where I fully enjoyed it. I never craved it to the point of wanting to go every chance I got. The last six months I’ve been thinking about maybe taking up surfing again so I can experience it with my boys one day. Kev’s already started taking Kainoa out, who’s not even 3 yet. Well, this last week I’ve thought more about it and . . . IN JOEY’S HONOR, I WILL GET BACK INTO SURFING! I know one day, I will be grateful to him for inspiring me to GO FOR IT! No worries, no reservations, only the carefree attitude that I CAN DO IT! I’m sure, one day, I’ll think surfing is “the most fun thing to do on earth” . . . with my boys. I’ll have Joey to thank for encouraging me to really live and “Do it” instead of just “Dream it”.

I Love You Guys,
Kelly and My Boys

PS: Rachel, What you said above is beautiful. You and Joe really experienced life together. You learned from each other. Joey showed you to value yourself. I will pray you continue to see yourself the way he saw you... the way he still sees you... the way the Lord has always seen you.