Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord

Below is a letter sent to Karen and Joe. I thought it would be neat to share this with us all because it shows how Joey's memorial Service in LA was used (and is being used) by God to touch lives ...

Dearest Karen and Joe,

You and your precious family have been on my heart for the last two weeks, but especially since attending Joey's unbelievable memorial service Sunday. I didn't know Joey very well, only what I learned via our conversations at the CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Center). BUT, after Sunday's service, I feel like I know him better as a result of the "stories" told about him by your family, Kevin, and Rachel.

What awesome testimonies were shared
about this precious young man! And I am sure, if others were allowed to share their experiences with Joey, we'd still be sitting in church hearing about the lives he's touched.

Joe, thank you for "letting us
in" and sharing those wonderful stories about your spontaneous trips with Joey. I loved the way you explained that Joey HAD to squeeze in so much of life, and if you hadn't shown him how, he may not have experienced so much. And, I'll never sing "Blessed Be the Name of the Lord" without seeing you standing to your feet holding your grandbaby in one arm, and raising the other to God. What you couldn't see behind you is that everyone rose to their feet along with you. Joe, that was a powerful moment, and as the pastor said, "You are the real deal", when someone wants to know WHO and WHAT a follower of Christ is.

Precious Karen, how did you do that with such poise and grace?? Thank
you for allowing us, through your breaking mother's heart, to hear about all of the wonderful things Joey was to you. Every mother could identify with you at that moment.

EVERYTHING about Joey's memorial
service was God honoring, and something I'll never forget. I want you to know that I've had some sleepless nights lately, thinking of you guys and praying, travailing before The Lord on your behalf. I know I am one of MANY who are lifting you before the throne.

Karen and Joe, you two are so very special and so loved by

As I have told others, my life is richer for having known you,
and those CPC years are very special and forever etched on my heart. The scripture that has come to me through this is: John 14:2 "In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, you may be also." You're in my heart and prayers.

Love you,

Joe and Karen arrives back to Maui tonight. We'll find out more on when the Memorial Service at Hope will be. As soon as I hear from them, I'll let you know. - Liza


Love said...

Thank you Liza, for keeping us so updated and sharing all of the testaments with us.
~ciara, michael and mikaela

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sylvia for sharing a very hard, sad and yet remarkable day.

Joe and Karen spent their last night in Thousand Oaks with us and very dear close friends. We loved, cried, laughed and prayed together. It was a precious time with them. We have a hard time letting them go home to Maui. We want to be with them every moment... meeting their every need and remembering our precious Joey.

And yet, their Maui family is waiting to love and embrace them.
Take care of them, Jaime and Drew for us Maui family..I know you will - we love them with all our hearts.

Lovingly - Vivian
Joe and Karen's sister

Heather said...

I think everyone who was at the LA Memorial will forever be impacted by the worship song "Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord". It has always been a favorite of mine but will now always remind me of the grace that God gives us and how beautifully the Johnson's displayed God's tender grace. I am still praying for you Johnson Family! Love, Heather Overholt

Sarah Therkildsen said...

Joe and Karen
Welcome back. I cant wait to give you the biggest hug i have got, but i apologize ahead of time that I will start crying and then you will probably start crying....... you are probably used to that by now. i did not think i was all that sentimental for a woman but every time i read the new blogs and think about you guys i just start balling......I can't imagine how I would ever lose any of my children. It is a great encouragement to hear how you are walking through this with faith and seeing God move; and a great challenge to me to try to give more and more of my life and my children to the Lord so i am ready at all times for whatever the Lord has planned. Thank you for being so steadfast and sharing your sorrows and your joys with all of us.
Sarah Therkildsen

Garnett and Scott said... wonderfully said by Sylvia. Thank you for sharing, as well as Liza, for all this time you have put into this blog. We have been missing the entire Johnson family and reading this blog has made us feel like ya'll are not so far away. We love all of you so much and can not wait to give you big hugs.
Much Love and Aloha, Garnett and Scott

Trish Garcia said...

I see the picture of you two on stage and I wonder how you did it. You two are so amazing and special; it is very obvious that Joey was too. I wish that there was a way that each of us in Maui--who love you so very much--could each take a piece of your grief and physically carry it for you . . . .but, since we cannot, we are praying and hoping that that lifts the weight a little--and a little more--and a little more.

I am pushing as much love as I can through this machine and this little 'comment'--I hope you feel it and everyone else's, as well.

Trish Garcia

anjuli paschall said...

tears fill my eyes as i read the post about the memorial LA service. it is true- God was glorified in Joey's life. thanks for keeping this blog for us to pray and cry together. praying for you.