Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Remembering Joey

Joey and our oldest grandson, Josh, became fast friends while Joey was still in high school and Josh was in college, but home for the summers. They later ended up being roommates for several years in CA.

One summer I hired Joey to come once a week and hose off all our concrete areas around our home and pool as we seemed to have lots of grandchildren activities at that time. I saw something very special in Joey as he never missed a weekend coming by to do this job. He took his responsibilities very seriously, which followed him thru his short life. I tried using other teenagers for this job after Joey left, but could never count on them and this just made me realize more than ever what a special young man Joey was.

Joe and Karen, you have always been a very encouraging part of our family - there for us when Josh had his life changing accident, even flying to Oahu to be with us at this time. You have been involved in counseling some of our children during difficult times and just always loved us regardless of our short comings. I remember so well when you and your family moved here and Karen threw herself into Hope Chapel and the women's ministry. You have set such a strong spiritual example of how we are all to live our lives.

We hope to see you soon in LA and to give you a personal hug of our love for you...We know and will continue to pray that God is wrapping HIS ARMS around each of you at this time.

Joyce and Jesse


Liza's Eyeview said...

Thank you Joyce for sharing some of your memories of Joey. I also remember those times we have of Joey, Josh and the college kids at Hope back then....