Monday, September 29, 2008

Importance of Vacation According to Joey (An E-mail to JR Thompson)

Always the sales man ... here's an email from Joe

It is my supreme belief that man is not completed by mere work alone. And while we love our respective livelihoods, its important for each of us to take some time away from neutering dogs, selling fast food franchises, drawing on computers, picketing in front of CBS, working for the man (ahem Rach & JR), and doing....well, whatever it is that I'm doing these grow intellectually, spiritually, and as friends. That is why it is time for all of us to take a vacation.

For those of you that just got tense at the thought of trying to squeeze one more thing into your schedule, consider yourself my friend no more. In fact Beth and Theo are already on probation for missing the Costa Rica trip last year. I am confident there are none of you out there. But for those on the edge of their seats waiting to hear about what amazing plans we have in store, I will delay no more.

Have you ever heard of a little place called Grand Targhee Ski Resort? Thats right you haven't. Because while all the capitalist jokers swarm Jackson Hole for a chance to try and squeeze into bad cowboy attire, Targhee remains a virtually virgin winter wonderland. (see attached photo of my last visit). Just think: dry powder, delicious elk/moose/venison chili, the voluptuous Grand Teton range at sunset, and many Moose Drool Ales in a hot tub surrounded with snow. No, I havent gone into selling timeshares. Im selling share-time with dear friends (wow that was atrocious).

So now I wanna know how you all feel about sneaking away for about a week sometime in March for this idyllic retreat from reality. There is still plenty of snow at that time.

For all of you that are of a more begintermediate ski level, fear not. Targhee has a great balance of terrain for all levels. There is a fun town nearby with Jackson, and most importantly, if we get a group together this could be a rather affordable Spring Break in the snow...without the Girls Gone Wild. JR has crunched some numbers...

Flights - $280 - $400 (LAX to JAC)
House - $700 - $900/week (this is for a whole house, so it would be rather affordable with a group)
Car - $400/week (also not bad with a group split)
Lift Tickets - $59/day
Food - same as in LA or Seattle

I will be eagerly awaiting your reply.

- JJ

* Post was taken from "Remembering Joseph Johnson" group at Facebook. It was posted by JR on "vacation".


Mackenzie said...

I love has Joe(y) written all over and through it :) oh how I miss his witty banter.