Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Of The Many Things About Joey ... He Loves His Big Sisters

Joey loved his big sisters....they were present shortly after he was born, peering at him with wonder and curiosity, which later became poking at him and provoking him, which eventually became pride and adoration. They each would travel miles just to be together, their bond unbreakable, and he thoroughly enjoyed the company of his sisters. They shared 50% of the same DNA, they laughed at the same jokes, and remembered the same childhood stories. They spent 28 years together, processing life, and advising each other, and cheering each other on. We have so many photos of the three of them together, Joey often in the middle between the two of them, sheltered by their love and hugging back. When he was an adult he towered over them both, and would wrap his arms around them--a huddle of strength and familiarity. His sisters enriched his life and were key to some pivotal moments:

Jaime, by turning off the pool pump when Joey was drowning at age 8, saved his life. Her quick-thinking act in a frightening and chaotic moment, gave us another 20 precious years with Joey.

JoAnne, by cramming to graduate in May 08, when she should have sensibly waited another semester, unwittingly created a grand family reunion, with both of Joey's and the Cox/Placke Clan. She created the moment for our final farewell with Joey--a week filled with precious memories, tender moments, and some of our most cherished photos. He went home to Heaven unexpectedly 4 days later.

His sisters stand as sentinels over his life...protecting and guarding him, honoring the beauty and vitality of their beloved brother. His name is permanently tattooed on their arms. Their lives will never be the same again, emptier without the brother who made life so much fun, but in Heaven they will have eternity to hug and hold and laugh together again.

* posted by Karen at Facebook.


Heather said...

They did have an amazing brother-sisters relationship. One that so few have the privilege and blessing of having. Beautiful relationship. Beautiful Joey. Beautiful Joanne. Beautiful Jamie.
Beautiful Life.

Anonymous said...

Matthew 12: 46,47.(TLB)
As Jesus was speaking in a crowded house, his mother and brothers were outside, wanting to talk to him. When someone told him they were there, he remarked, "Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?" He pointed to his disciples. "Look!" he said, "These are my mother and brothers." then he added, "Anyone who obeys my Father in heaven is my brother, sister, and mother!"

lorensaved77 said...

Dear Karen
Your last blog, before this one, made me cry...this one brought a smile to my face, as I see you and Joe Sr. in each of your Kid's faces,Beautiful!
You Are a great mother,and thank you for sharing your heart.

love you,

Debbie said...

When I read the part about your last family really touched me. We have such a great and wonderful God who orchestrated that time for all of you to be together one more time before Joey went home to be with Him.

My thoughts and prayers are still with you - love,
Debbie B.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Karen and Joe

Thinking a lot about you and your family today.Wanted you to know you all are in my prayers. May the Lord have a special blessing for you today. Love and Aloha Fenny

Kelly Bonsell said...

Gosh, most parents only dream of having three beautiful, strong, hard-working, intelligent, hilarious, LOVING children just like Joe and Karen raised. The world is definitely a richer place having been blessed with the 5 Johnsons! There will always be an empty place where Joey once filled with so much LIFE. But that LOVE and LIFE will remain.... I Love you guys and continue to lift you up in my prayers.

So Much Love,