Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Remembering Joey - A Fun Post :)

I took the following post from Facebook's Remember Joseph Johnsons Group - it's written by Josh Spencer. I just want to mention that both Josh and Joey are very dear to us (we were kidless at that time and they were our kids, sort of ) and it was at this time that we were very close to them, when they were the "young men". Kelly Kepler is also very dear to us - these post brought back a lot of great memories :) I cracked up when I first read this post - I am sure you're find it hilarious as well. This will bring a smile to Karen and Joe's faces :)

Okay, I'm finally on Facebook (sorta), so I can post to this blog. Ever since Joey left, I've been wanting to write some grand essay on him for Rachel and the Johnsons' reading pleasure, but that's just my perfectionist procrastination. I've gotta let that go and just get my memories of Joe down before I forget them. Memory, definitely one of the first things to go. Anyway, here we go:

Before I ever met Joey I wanted to beat him up. I was 19 and spending my first summer on Maui, and my new girlfriend at the time - Kelly Kepler - was at a retreat in CA. Somehow I heard about this great guy that everybody loved there, especially Kelly, and that he was moving to Maui. I was insecure back in those days, and my insecurity took form through jealousy. I was ready to take him down as soon as he stepped foot on the island.

Our first actual meeting was at Bradley's house across the driveway from the Johnsons' new house, which which just across the gully from my family's house. I felt like such an idiot when I met him. He was just a 15 yr. old kid, skinny and obviously nervous. How could I beat up a kid barely into puberty? We talked about heavy metal and he tried to bluff that he knew all about the bands I was into. He didn't. I saw right through him, that he was a great bull-shitter in the making (something I wasn't), and I knew we'd be great friends.

To his credit, he waited two years for Kelly and me to break up, before he put the moves on her again.


bill and Lu Kepler said...

Hilarious, Josh. You've come a long way, baby! We loved meeting Heidi, and seeing your wedding pictures, even with the terrible conspicuous absence of JJ in them. Thanks for your memories of Joey and Kelly.
Bill and Lu

Kelly Bonsell (Kepler) said...

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged--sorry. I came back 2 weeks ago, but couldn't write (2 little boys take all my time!). Josh inspired me to find the time.

Thanks, Josh, for sharing your smile-provoking story. I am sure you have many more wonderful stories. I will be looking forward to them.

Yes, when Joey joined our youth group for the Mexico/CA. mission trip the summer the Johnsons moved to Maui, I did think Joey was cute. I loved his “Darth Vater Rips” song and his attractive, easygoing, fun-loving personality. But I was crazy about Josh Spencer at the time and, quite honestly, didn’t give “little Joey” much thought. 2 years later, Joey (soon to be known as JJ, RL, and other silly names) captured my heart. Sounds crazy, but it all started when we jumped off the Lanai Ferry together. It was the adventuresome, live-life-to-its-fullest spirit we shared that drew us together. Loving and appreciating the life God gave us—that’s what I looked for in a man! Every guy I dated had those two qualities :).

I will be keeping in better touch on this Blog (I don’t have facebook, myspace, etc.). I’m going backwards from here and responding to some posts--starting with Karen’s “I am missing”.

Love You All,
Kelly Bonsell... Kepler :)