Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rachel On Our Mind ...

Rachel leaves Maui tomorrow and the Maui Johnsons are sad. Please pray for Rachel as she returns to the mainland and rebuilds her life. Karen also requested me to post this:

Rachel was such a beautiful counterpart to Joey. They were well-matched in their curiosity, intelligence, and spirit of adventure. Their tastes in music, food and art seemed to be parallel. They both loved to surf, snowboard, and play Scrabble. They had so much fun together and they shared their faith, their friends, and their love for family. They were a great couple and we all loved being with Rachel. The grandkids already considered her their aunty, and still do. She is just a superb human being and we all adore her.

Rachel's unknowing gift to us all was her beautiful eye for photography. She chronicled Joey's last three years with hundreds of exquisite photos and gave us a treasure that will last a lifetime.

Thank you Rachel, for loving Joey and loving our family, and giving so much to each of us. You are the beautiful silver lining in our cloud.

The Johnsons

Joe and Rachel on Keaneae


Anonymous said...

Rachel we look forward to seeing you and loving you and comforting you here in LA.

I also thank you for the wonderful galary of photos you took of Joey, your trip, your lives together - they are inspiring and precious.

They have inspired me to take more photos of my own family...maybe not as sweet as yours, but hey - I can dream!

See you in LA

Love Auntie Viv

Heather said...

I will pray for your Rachel as you head back here to the mainland. So much to comfront when you get back. I will pray that you will feel God's grace and strength in very real and comforting way when you return.