Thursday, August 21, 2008

Joey's Blogger

Joey visiting me when I gave birth to my first child/son G.
Now, how many high school kid do you know
would visit an "older" friend in the hospital when she gives birth?
Not many, but Joey is among the few :)

Today is my 3rd month anniversary as Joey’s blogger. I thought it would be nice to tell you the story behind this “title”.

About two years ago, I started blogging to help me deal with a difficult situation I was in at that time. Blogging was a “cheap therapy” of some sort. Then blogging became an important part of my life, even an important part of my spiritual life.

About the same time, Joey and Rachel started a blog called Van Down By The River. And so the friendship that Joey and I had when he lived on Maui in his teenage years were revived. We got re-connected. I started following their blog.

After the Van trip, Joey and Rachel came home to Maui. On the Sunday that he came to Hope during that visit, we saw each other at the Hope Chapel parking lot. He came up to me with a huge smile, gave me a warm hug, while greeting me saying “How’s my blogger doing?

How’s my blogger doing?” That greeting meant a lot to me at that time. Joey could have said “hello, how are you” and it would have been sweet enough, but for him to say “how’s my blogger doing” was special because blogging held a very soft spot in my heart at that time. I felt that he “cared” and that he’s in tune with me. I appreciated him so much and can’t forget that little greeting that Sunday morning.

Little did we know that that endearing term “my blogger” would be literal years later as I started blogging for Joey in Johnson’s Maui Ohana, and therefore was called "Joey's blogger".

Joey was my encourager on blogging when I was just starting to blog. During his Maui visit, he and my husband were talking about his blog (Rachel’s too) and my husband told him that I am blogging too. He said "I know. Your wife's blog is good". At that time, my husband was so unsure about my blogging. But Joey's words gave him an assurance that I am doing something good.

The interesting thing is that if Joey is alive today, I don’t think you would see me and Joey hanging out together as friends (we would be friends, but not "buddies). No, we wouldn't be "buddies" but there would always be a friendship connection somehow. However, it seems like God had really connected the two of us on the few years and months before he passed away because God has a mission for me – and that is to encourage his mama and papa and all who loves Joey – and that would be achieved through the blog. There were several more instances before his passing that confirmed my “calling”. I had some some of those on my post here.

On the side note, my blogging for the Johnsons is also a good example of “sowing and reaping”. Karen, Joey’s mama, was among the first faithful reader of my blog. She would occasionally leave comments to let me know she’s reading it regularly. Karen sow love, she’s reaping love in return. I have faithfully blogged for them because I love them, and because I know God loves them so much that He wants me to “walk with them” in this time of grief.

And so that’s my story.

Stay tuned – tomorrow I will post something special. Tomorrow you will read about “CUY”- and you would not want to miss that one!


Anonymous said...

Liza, that is a beautiful story of how God weaves unsuspecting relationships together for His glory...thanks for sharing it... thank you even more for your daily labor of love for the last 3 months! Not a small task, but it means so much to us. We love you...
Jo Anne

Anonymous said...

Romans 12:6-8(TLB)

"God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well. So, if God has given you the ability to prophesy, then prophesy whenever you can- as often as your faith is strong enough to recieve a message from God. If your gift is that of serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, do a good job of teaching. If you are a preacher, see to it that your sermons are strong and helpful. If God has given you money, be generous in helping others with it. If God has given you administrative ability and put you in charge of the work of others,take the responsibility seriously. Thase who offer comfort to the sorrowing should do so with Christian cheer!"

Karen said...

Liza...we can never thank you enough for the comfort you have given us. You also provided an avenue for others to comfort us thru their posts and comments. We have needed every bit of the comfort we have received and the Lord has blessed us so much through your blog. We love you and love your beautiful heart of love. You have given us so much...

Anonymous said...

Ah, I was there too when that picture was taken. I believe I actually took it! What a wonderful day that was, Liza, when Gardner was born by C-section, after so many hours of labor, and then 3 hours of pushing!
Your contribution to the Johnsons has been immeasurable, not only through your blogging, but also through your dear friendship. And, contrary to what you say, if Joey were alive and here today, it seems to me he definitely would be your good friend.
Thanks for your beautiful writing skills, as well as your huge amount of work. You are a wonderful woman and a fabulous friend.
Love, Bill and Lu

Hope Chapel Admin said...

Thanks Uncle Bill - I agree, if Joey is alive today we would be good friends. I probably should re-write that part. I think I was trying to say we wouldn't be "buddies" like hanging out together but I am sure there would always be a special bond of friendship. Thanks for giving me the "nudge" to clarify that :)

Like what I told Kelly before, The Johnsons and the Keplers are my family here on Maui. Love you all.

Liza on Maui said...

opss - that was me commenting above under "hope chapel admin" name.

Thanks again Uncle Bill for pointing that out - I revised to explain what I was trying to say ;)

Anonymous said...


You know my feelings on "Joey's Blogger", but I will say thank you again for listening to God's calling.

You are loved and appreciated.

Auntie Viv