Monday, June 16, 2008

A Hui Hou Joey

*Scroll down to start up the background music, then scroll up again to watch the slide show. I'm still learning how to embed music with the slide show...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Liza for doing this. Becky and I felt honored to be able to see this incredible moment. We felt like we were there. We prayed and cried together for our family and God's strength and protection for Joe, Karen and family. We love them so much.

We love you Joey.

Love Auntie Viv

Liza's Eyeview said...


I'm glad you saw it right away. I posted it while it's still happening. yes, it's like "you were there".


Anonymous said...

How beautiful... so touching and honoring and lovely and sad... and so obviously full of God's presence. Mom and Dad, you are amazing. So much grace and strength in the face of adversity and overwhelming sadness... But I know God is the source of your strength and all of our strength. Thank you Lord for sticking closer than a brother through all of this. And thank you Lord that you have conquered death... we will celebrate with You and Joey one day. We can't wait. Thanks to everyone who was there to give love and support. We love you all.
Jo Anne

michael, ciara & mikaela said...

Liza captured the moment beautifully. We regret not being there, but are so glad to see the beauty through the slide show. We love you so, so much. Last night was an amazing Memorial for Joey, we were blessed to be there. Please feel all of our love and prayers.
~ciara, michael and mikaela

ps: we set up our blog because of your & joeys inspiration.

Anonymous said...

First thing this morning I prayed and cried for you all. I wish so badly we could have been there....I can only imagine how beautiful and amazing the moment was. Also how very hard and sad at the same time. You are such an amazing, incredible, loving, kind, generous, beautiful family! All our love and prayers for comfort, peace, strength, and joy go out to you Johnson family. So much love and hugs, Lori (and Wes)

Anonymous said...

Truly, an amazing morning! Feeling the Lord wrap His arms around the Johnson's through the body of Christ, as they said there last goodbyes. I feel so honored and priviledged to have witnessed such a beautiful sight. I'll never forget it. May the Lord continue to hold you up. You are all so loved.
Cari & Pierre

Anonymous said...

I too felt honored to have witnessed such a blessed tribute to Joey. I felt him say, "Mama I'm glad you got on the surfboard. Dad is right, you two take it the next level."

Anonymous said...

It was such a wonderful time together at the beach. Joe & Karen, you are such amazing examples to all of us. You model transparency and love. Joey was such a special mix of the two of you. I'm honored to have had the opportunity to know Joey and share some beautiful memories of him.

All my love & prayers,
Jeri (& Cliff)

Anonymous said...

To the Johnson's:
The memorial last night was beautiful and I know Joey would have been proud.
It was such an honor to share those precious moments with you this morning.
Saying our final see ya later to Joey, was very special. The array of emotions was amazing. God was so present there.
I don’t think anybody will forget this day.
Thanks for sharing Joey with us and letting us love on you.
Thanks for allowing us to share the pain and grieve that you are going through. Like in Ecclesiastes 4 says: “ two are better than one…if one person falls, the other can reach out and help.”
We love you Elis and Steve.

Melissa, if you read this, it was very nice to meet you, and thank you again for kissing Joey good buy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Liza for putting this whole blog together. I have never even been to a "blog" before, but I was absolutely blessed by what you have done.

Dave and I live in Florida and have known Karen and Joe for over 30 years. We feel as though we have been with them and the family and friends thru this past few weeks. It has been so helpful to be able to go to the blog several times a day, I just feel as though we have been right there.

The "paddle out" was so beautiful - what a perfect way to bring this to pass.

I am so impressed with Hope Chapel and the way this church has surrounded and loved the Johnson family. I am so proud to say that I was once a part of this sweet church and its beginnings.

Thank you for sharing this with all of us who weren't able to attend any of these celebrations, it made a difference.

Much Aloha,

Dave and Barb Koukl

Anonymous said...

My hear goes out to your family. I can not imagine how it is to lose a son. Your family has meant so much to us the past few years that I feel as though I have lost one of my own family members. You are in our prayers daily. I know that God is with you through this ordeal and he will bring some good out of it. We love you and pray for you daily,
Love, The Lassiter's
Clay, Christa, Chase, Caly, and Carsyn

Anonymous said...

i wish i was there when you sprinkled uncle jj's ashes, i cant wait for u guys to come to virginia, love you

Anonymous said...

Hey, all.
Joe's brother Steve,here. When Joe and Karen returned home to the islands, we felt yet another sense of loss. We all wanted to be there in Maui for them, but I knew God had it covered. He proved this on Fri. last at about 4 pm my time. While in the staples store in Yucaipa, Ca. I ran into a young man who, believe it or not, lives in Maui, and attends Hope Chapel!! We shared our collective thoughts of Joey and he was gone. Reassurance that the Maui faithfull reached even here! Love you, family. Steve, Jackie, Matt, and Britt

Melissa said...

Karen and Joe,
What touching images. Karen, I'm very proud of you for paddeling out, I know you were debating it. I'm thankful that it looked like a beautiful day. Rachel said the service on the water was beautiful and I'm glad for that too. Chad and I continue to pray for you daily.
Much love,

Heather said...

Wish that I could have been there. The pictures brought me to tears. Every accpect of Joey has been so perfectly portrayed these last couple of weeks. What a privledge it was to know him.

Garnett and Scott said...

What a glorious morning and I feel so priveleged to have been a part of such a special day. We love ya'll so much and are here with each of you every step of the way.
Much Love, Garnett and Scott

anjuli paschall said...

my heart was so moved to watch the slide show of pictures and watch such touching moments out in the water. your family remains in my prayers. love

Anonymous said...

Johnson's...thank you for living your life transparently before us!! For sharing your parents hearts so eloquently and honestly...bringing life to the depth of uugggghhh that comes with Joey leaving this you share your heart, it allows us to be "carriers" of some of your grief...thanks for the privlege!!

I didn't know Joey personally, but after the memorial service and regularly following the blog, I feel like I know him well...that I've been given the gift of knowing his heart!!

the shiraishi's are in constant prayer for your family...spencer, ulu, spencer boy, riley, quinn

Katie Shannon said...

Thank you so much for sharing these photos. I feel so far away, but it was such a blessing to see the many faces of my childhood that I haven't seen in so long... Karen & Joe, Dickie & Marla, Bill & Lu, Bradley & Liza... I miss you all so much, and hope to reconnect when I'm home in October.

Joe's death is such a huge loss, but it has made me realize the importance of keeping in touch with those you love, even when there are huge oceans and continents between you. Hope Chapel is such a special place, and I'm so glad that Joe and Karen have the love and support of such an amazing group of people.


Katie Shannon
Washington, DC